Monday, September 12, 2011

I dont know what my problem is.

I think maybe my depression may be sneaking back in a bit or maybe it is just the exhaustion I discussed in my previous posts. I am just flat tired and uninterested in all this crap. School is super boring right now and I am just having the hardest time trying to stay awake and turn stuff in on time. Work is as boring as ever even though I am training for a new position which would atleast keep me busy instead of sitting here having nothing to do. Cheerleading is driving me crazy! And last but not least DH and I are in kindof a blah spot right now, which I think has more to do with the fact that I am going crazy and have been super bitchy here lately.

Anyway please be patient with me while I work through my funk and I am hoping I will do it quickly.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cracks in the Facade!

Ok so I sometimes overwhelm myself with responsibilities. OK FINE I admit it I am almost always overwhelming myself with responsibilities. It is just down right ridiculous. You would think I would learn but NOPE I always think someone else will show up and help me out a bit but it rarely happens. When it does happen it is usually one person showing up when I need 3 people to show up.

Anyway due to me not getting some of the items I have to have for a project the project is now delayed and wont be ready in time for the first event. Crack #1. To top that off the people who promised me uniforms for Youth Cheer fell through and I have to make something else work. Crack #2. Last but not least I was so overwhelmed I decided not to do something that is normally done every year. Crack #3.

Now I am playing clean up and have to admit I am just downright tired. I really hate when I don't pull things off smoothly.

Worse than that I am behind in my school work because of Cheer leading. Seriously people I can not do it all!