Monday, July 30, 2012

Car Related Disasters......

seem to be running in the family here lately.

In the past six months I have replaced tires, repaired windows, Cheer Diva totaled a truck, installed new brakes, windshield wipers, lights, batteries, filters, and the list just never ends. Needless to say I am relatively sick of cars right now. Of course since I am Superwoman and can tackle anything Cheer Diva decided to have another wreck!

As if the three days in bed with a migraine and car wash that resulted in blisters were not enough!!! The weekend was rounded out with a fender bender!

Anyway this one was not her fault but she may very well wind up being blamed for it. She was driving through the Kroger parking lot when a lady backed out and scraped the entire drivers side of the car. Having never had an accident where she had to handle anything Cheer Diva got the ladies name, insurance information, and type of vehicle. Unfortunately she let the other driver write everything down for her and never checked any of this herself. Lets just say we were given the wrong name, partial insurance number, and didn't get any further contact information. Our star witness gave us a phone number that is either no good or goes to a place where calls are never returned.

Cheer Diva was sure all would be fine and since no one was injured she never contacted the police. So now the other driver is claiming that Cheer Diva hit her and the insurance is refusing to pay since it is a he said she said situation. Thankfully our insurance has stepped in and taken care of everything and is fighting the other insurance company for us. Unfortunately I have contacted every person in the county with the witnesses name and had no luck. So most likely we are going to wind up paying the deductible and having our insurance raised again.

Poor thing she is barely 17 and already has three accidents under her belt. God help her when she is 18 and has to start paying her own bills!

The day I discovered milk shakes weren't all good!

Well last week just flew by.

I finally got an appointment scheduled for my gastric bypass. YIPPEE!!! Now I just have to make it through the weeks of protein shakes and vitamins:(

Today is day 1 of vitamins and protein drinks and I can already tell this is going to be a long and arduous process. LOL The vitamins are mostly chewable and while I am grateful that they are fruit flavored I can't say I am in love with the gritty chalky nastiness of them. The calcium in particular is so chalky I was surrounded in a cloud of dust when I opened the bottle. Top it off with them being the size of a quarter and as thick as my pinky finger. I have to take 3 calcium a day, 1 thiamine, 1 b-12, 3 multivitamins, and a iron tablet. Add that to the medications I am already on and I feel like a geriatric person sucking down pills every few minutes. LOL

On the up side I am allowed to eat one meal a day so I get to enjoy that. The people that came to the intake appointment with me were all much larger and they have to drink 5 protein drinks a day with no meals. Plus the majority of them had horrendous medical and surgical histories so they had extra medications to take. I do NOT envy them. 

For now I will quietly complain about the horse pills, pray the iron doesn't tear me up, drink my three shakes a day, and eat my one meal. I am sure after the surgery I will be glad I have endured it and it will make me appreciate my meals in the future. Heck maybe I will even learn to savor them and stop eating so fast.

Now if only they had protein drinks/meals that tasted like good food instead of milk shakes. I honestly don't think I will ever want another milk shake after weeks of nothing but them. I tried to do the vegetable soup one but it was awful so now I am stuck with strawberry shakes until I can get there and buy some other flavors. Lord knows I am going to have to mix it up a bit or I will go stark raving mad.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I am finally back from the dead!

I thought my trip to Gatlinburg was supposed to relax me and make things better. Boy was I mistaken. I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in bed with a migraine. Saturday I finally felt semi human so I ran a car wash for Cheer Diva's cheer team. No one mentioned the new migraine medicine makes you super sensitive to the sun! Sunday I was thrilled to see I had a farmers tan and blisters. ARGH!!!

Needless to say I am alive but I am not kicking at this point. LOL I will be back soon with more information on our latest car related disaster!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ripley's Aquarium Gatlinburg TN

Vacation went well. I am back and feeling a little more rested, still stressed but less than I was before.

We spent two wonderful days in Gatlinburg TN enjoying the crafts, the aquarium, and the mountains. I was amazed that almost every place we visited offered a military discount! This is unusual considering it is a tourist area. I was very impressed with the Ripley's Aquarium discount. It is generally 25 for each adult and around 15 for a child. I took Cheer Diva, Bug, and myself for less than 20.00 including a 2 dollar quide book. I think my jaw may have dropped to the counter when she gave me the prices.

The Aquarium there is wonderful and we have been several times but it never fails to amaze me how much I enjoy going back. It is peaceful and serene looking at octopi and seahorses floating through the water. It is also fun to watch the kids and see there reactions to things. Cheer Diva's favorite thing to do is touch the stingrays and Bug loves to just look at the fish.

It is one of the very few places where the girls don't bicker or pick at each other. So I enjoy that part and the peace and quiet I get for two whole hours.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My plan of escape

It has been 6 days since my last post.......LOL I am obviously not a posting addict. Maybe I need to start a "I keep forgetting to post" support group. Yeah right I would procrastinate that too. LOL

So anyway I will admit I am going to be out of the loop this weekend. I am heading out of town for a short vaca with the girls. Nothing fancy just a little down time to get away from all the drama around. I honestly feel like I really need it. I am just procrastinating trying to make a few last minute decisions before booking a hotel. If I had unlimited funds I would book a cabin in the woods and hide away for a few days. Since I dont I am trying to find something close to everything but secluded at the same time. It will make it easier for Cheer Diva and Bug to go do things without having to drive all over the place.

So I will be back on Monday unless I have some free time while there. See y'all then!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Horseback Riding

Over the last year it has become very apparent that Bug does not have an athletic bone in her body. The child hates anything that require running or sweating. LOL

Anyway in the last year we have tried to get Bug involved in anything that gets her off the couch. She has the same problem I do with picking up weight and it is already starting to affect her negatively. This summer she refused to go to summer camp because it was at a lake and required her to wear a bathing suit all the time. She avoids pictures if she can't hide her waist and she is very self conscious about wearing things that are fitted.

So in a last ditch attempt to get her involved in something we decided to bend to her wishes and let her start horseback riding. Don't get me wrong we weren't against her taking lessons we were against the price! It is an expensive hobby!!! But since Daddy D was leaving and it was obvious it was her only interest Bug started lessons about 6 months ago. She loves every minute of it.

We changed teachers several months ago to save on cost and to shorten the drive. Now Cheer Diva and I are able to take lessons as well. I find it so relaxing that I don't even care if I ever learn how to do anything other than ride in circles. This sounds cray but I love brushing the horse and meandering around the stable doing anything. I bond with the horse and completely relax to the point where I almost feel like I am at a spa.

Bug is also enjoying riding! Not sure if she is bonding the way I am but she is loving every minute of it. Of course she and Cheer Diva are competitive about it so I have to keep them in separate lessons or they start bossing each other around. God bless America these kids can find a way to ruin my relaxation no matter the location! LMAO

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

Daddy D is spending his day in 109 degree heat surrounded by a war zone but I know there is nothing he misses more than his family and good food.

Yes this day is about independence and all that we have fought for as a nation. But really aren't we all fighting for the right to be ourselves and come together as a family around a table of food. It is the simplest freedom yet it means so much to those who are unable to enjoy it. Sure I could write a story about what this day is all about but to me and my family it means we are allowed to be a family. Plus Fox News already has all that other stuff covered.

So for me and my family we will miss Daddy D and the freedom to spend the day as a family. We will skip coming together as a family and eating a huge meal. We will do this in honor of his sacrifice for us and for our country. We will remember what this day means and we will celebrate it whole heartedly next year when Daddy D is home!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Speaking to Cheer Diva

Pleasing a teenage daughter is turning out to be very difficult. Even when I get things right, which is very seldom, it doesn't take long for her to be pissed at me for something else. I really never thought that I would have to agonize over every little thing I discuss with my daughter. But there are several topics that just always cause an argument. It gets to the point where I am afraid to discuss things with her for fear of pissing her off once again.

Topic number 1-Never ever discuss cheerleading.
         Unless I am willing to agree with her on everything she says I have to avoid this subject as a whole.
Topic number 2-Never discuss limitations with the boyfriend or parties.
         She is a good kid and doesn't need reminding from ME!!!!
Topic number 3-Never discuss her grades.
          Seriously why bother she has perfect grades her teachers just screw her every time.
Topic number 4-Anything she doesn't want to hear or discuss.
          This is a broad area that includes just about anything other than Hello and Goodbye.

As of right now I just avoid talking to her about anything unless she brings up the subject. Even when she brings up the subject I have to carefully pick my words for fear of saying something she doesn't want to hear. I honestly sit in the car and fume because I can't speak my mind or have an opinion on anything. We literally spent 4 hours in the car together yesterday and I felt blessed that she slept for part of it.

How wrong is that?