Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last week at work!

I wish! LOL! This is just my last week at this job. I start my other job on Monday after working 6 days straight here. By the time next Friday rolls around I will have worked 11 days straight. I am going to be so freaking worn out it wont even be funny. So please take it easy on me if I am not here as often as I would like, I am probably laying somewhere comatose sucking down a margarita through a straw and praying that this will end soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things have been quiet around here!

Well OK maybe not but right now I have decided to ignore everything else and chill out for a night. LOL

I start my new job in a week but I am actually hoping to get an offer on a different job this week. If everything works out I will get the second job and never even have to start with the other one. Cheer leading is on a slow week for now and I am going to take full advantage of it. All I have to do this week is make a few "noise makers" for the football games and attend a friends sons soccer game. Easy Peasy right? :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monthly cheer booster meeting

OK so now that you have read the title you should understand why I feel like poking my eyes out to avoid going right? Well just in case you aren't familiar with why the words booster meeting and hell are interchangeable here are a few reasons why.

Anyway I went because that is what us crazy cheer mom's do so that we know what our cheer leaders are doing this month. I spoke with the cheer coaches about the issues LAX Diva had at the football game the other night and together we agreed that they needed to handle it. So I told them I was backing out of the whole situation so they could take over and deal with the Overzealous Cheer Momma who thinks she is the boss of everyone.

Now for the juicy bit....I always sit near the back because I like to see everyone and not have to turn around when people talk. Well today when I tried to sit down Overzealous Cheer Momma immediately said I should come sit at the front table with her and the Booster president (loudest lady ever). Being as I am staying out of the drama from the other night and trying to keep a semblance of peace I obliged. My ears were about to explode after an hour of the Booster president talking but I think I made my point that I am not going to back down or hide from Overzealous Cheer Momma. I know she was just waiting for me to say something out of line or want to "talk" about what happened the other night but I had made up my mind I was not being drawn into it.

Even juicier......One of our cheer moms was just in the paper for embezzling from her employer but since I am new to town I had no idea about it. Apparently the Booster president didn't know who she was either so she assigned the mother the job of setting up and collecting funds for a bowling fundraiser. Needless to say the other mom's informed her right after the meeting!

I could have sworn I moved to a small town where embezzling was not supposed to be a normal topic of conversation!

Feeling pushed around!

Well it is official I got offered a civilian job which is something I have been trying to get for the last 3 years. Of course it comes at the wrong time when I am in a job I really love but I refuse to turn down a long term career position for a temp job which is basically what government contract work is. So everybody keeps asking me to stay and I really want to but I feel like I have to take this new job or I might not get another oppurtunity.

Top that push and pull situation off with the monthly cheer booster meeting drama and I am feeling bitchy about the whole situation. I guess I am just tired of feeling like everything going on around me is out of my control. I want to be able to get a civilian job doing what I currently do and work in my current office. I also want to be able to walk up to the drama queens at Cheer and say what I feel needs to be said.

I don't know why but everyone expects me to act like an adult and make good choices so I am supposed to take the civilian job working with strangers because it is better for my career and I am not allowed to tell the Cheer drama queens to stick it where the sun don't shine.

FOR NOW!!!!! We shall see what happens........

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And the drama continues

LAX Diva managed to bring home a midterm that contained two D's and an F. Yeah!!!! What an achievement. I swear that child will be the death of me. Then top it off with her joining the cheer team this year and I think I may have to just shoot her.

Of course I have grounded her from everything except cheer leading and that is only because they have competitions coming up and I don't think it would be fair to ruin it for the other girls. I am officially now a bitch but I really don't care I just want her to know that her grades are the most important thing ever.

The other cheer parents are driving me nuts and I am seriously already regretting having volunteered to do anything for them but I am going to finish out what I volunteered for. Once I am done with this job I am going to back out a little and try and see what else is going to happen. I have a feeling next year they are going to want me to do more and if I am even going to consider it I need to figure out what I am getting into first.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

People seriously need to grow up!

I am now officially a Cheer mom and I am quickly learning that Cheer mom are as bad as a bunch of teenage girls. They have a ton of drama going on right now and I am doing my best to keep my mouth shut and stay the heck out of it. But as they say, the best intentions often fail.

So here goes the the football game last night a cheerleader said a cuss word while in the concessions line. One of the other kids and her mother apparently decided it was their responsibility to verbally bitch slap the kid for saying "no shit." I get it OK! The kid is not supposed to cuss when she is in uniform because she is a representative of the school. But...first off this is not the parent or her daughters job to say anything to this kid...second this is where it takes a turn that I don't care for at all. LAX Diva stepped in and asked everyone to calm down and maybe deal with it later and the mother grabbed her arm and told her to "stay out of it." LAX Diva just walked away.

I am a little pissed since I firmly believe that no adult should lay their hands on anyone's kid. I know this lady and I know she is a little forceful but I also know she did not grab my daughter with any force or anger she was just wrong. My main issue is that the mom never should have been the one dealing with this issue, the cheer coaches should have done it. Last but not least LAX Diva's diarrhea of the mouth just will not grow away. I mean honestly why does she feel the need to get into every issue after I have repeatedly told her that keeping her mouth shut and staying out of the bullshit will save her so much trouble.

Anyway I had to work with the mother today at youth cheer and she immediately wanted to discuss this. I just told her I had no interest in discussing it. I will go to the coaches like she SHOULD have done and have them deal with her. If they don't then I will step up and take it from there.