Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The definition of insanity!

Every year we do the same things and get the same results which in any normal everyday setting would be the definition of insanity but on Christmas day it is considered a rite of passage. Why I ask do we consider a day of over eating, over indulging, and over stressing to be such an important day? Because that is the day when families come together and make it all happen. LOL

Over Eating-
I just realized that I cook the same things for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I always cook twice as much as I really need. I don't change the menu at all unless I add a dessert or something but I rarely ever take away from the current menu. How boring is that? Next year I plan to totally mess with peoples heads and make something like Lobster for dinner instead of Ham and Turkey. OK maybe not they would probably disown me and then make me commute somewhere for my Turkey and Ham, maybe I will just make a different casserole for a change.

Over Indulging-
Not only do we eat too much we buy too much! Honestly I lost track of all the presents under the tree. It was so bad the kids were opening gifts and I was saying, "OH yeah I completely forgot about that." This is why next year I plan to attempt all shopping on one day. This will keep me from over buying for each kid because I will be too tired and broke to continue on. Now I just need to convince Daddy D that he should keep me locked in a closet after that day so I don't pick things up throughout the rest of the season.

Over Stressing-
I cooked enough food for 15 people when only 8 people were actually coming, shopped for 30 people, decorated a house from top to bottom, and managed the finances as well as could be expected. Why am I so tired?

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My car is cursed! Part II

OK so for those of you who haven't been around for a while or who just forgot I have a magnificent huge car named Cheyenne.

She is a thing of beauty and when I can keep everyone else out of her she is clean and beautiful. Yes I love her like a man loves his muscle car and no I don't care what anyone thinks about it. She is MINE!!!

In my previous post I mentioned how Cheyenne appears to be slightly cursed. Well today it was confirmed! Once again a tiny car decided to play chicken with us and lost. That poor little Mustang just sat there stunned and limping while we pulled off the road into a parking lot. The Mustang owners were not nice and were very rude but a witness pulled over and told the police that Cheyenne was a good girl and the bag Mustang had run a red light. Little punk car was probably trying to show off its muscle and finally ran up against something bigger.

Oh well back to the car dealership and  hopefully this time they wont mess up all the electrical crap when they unhook the battery. I sure hope that this doesn't keep happening though it is beginning to get a bit scary.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

OH the madness!

Every year I try so hard to keep the Christmas lists to a reasonable level and every year I fail miserably. This year I am on some kind of spend it all budget where everything I walk past needs to be purchased. I swear if Daddy D would let me lose in a real mall we would be totally broke.

Honestly I stood in our crappy mall for a hour yesterday looking at Christmas pajamas for the girls. Now mind you I bought them Christmas pajamas already but I cant figure out which package they are in! So instead of just saying oh well they will get them in the morning instead of on Christmas Eve I spent forever wondering around trying to find cool ones with feet on them for LAX Diva and warm ones for Bug. Keep in mind that I am already way over budget on both of them and am seriously considering donating packages to the homeless because they have too much under the tree.

I don't know what has gotten into me. Normally I am the budgeter but for the last few months I have just wanted to do everything and buy everything no matter what. It kills me because I then have to turn around and cut the budget on other things because I have overspent on something that isn't a necessity. Totally out of character for me! Thank goodness I have it under control enough to not be building any debt but seriously we would have much more in savings if I just cut the crap out!

Help!!!! Christmas please come and make the madness end!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The night I burned my eyes out!

December 18th, 2010.......It was a dark and windy night when I coraled all my friends and Daddy D into the car for a road trip. Our destination was predetermined, our meal had been planned, our entertainment was all lined up and the only element of surprise was what we would see when we got to our destination. The plan was simple enough, take the highway to exit 108 and turn right when the road T's, everything we were going to see and experience was within 1/2 block of that very intersection. How could anything possibly go wrong?

HAHAHAHAHA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nothing went wrong we ate, shopped, and toured the lights until we were exhausted. I think I saw enough Christmas lights for a lifetime and unfortunately I think my Retina's agree. LOL It is sad to say it but I think Rudolf burned my eyes out with his big red nose!.

There he is the bright lighted culprit!
 He started this fire right before we got there! He needs a license for that nose!
 Artie the elf trying to cool him off with a sponge bath!
I am telling you Rudolf was dangerous I mean seriously how many times have you seen a deer people have to hose down?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy busy week............well sort of anyway!

I just realized I hadn't blogged since Tuesday. I mean seriously people what is up with that? Cant you all remember this stuff for me and like send a light beacon of some sort so I remember? LOL

Anywho this week started off pretty normal just the average amount of aggravation from the fam about Christmas but life was moving on. Then on Thursday the infamous ice storm hit. LOL Seriously people we don't need to plan for some sort of Armageddon each time the weather man says the word snow/ice. We got some ice but not enough to do any major damage. The government gave us a two hour delay to get to work and other then the sidewalks and parking lot which were slippery it wasn't bad at all. Of course this means that everyone calls out because they are too afraid to drive in the ice. Honestly I live about 18 miles from work in the freaking country people. If I can get there anyone should be able to get there especially people who live in big cities that plow day in and day out.

Friday I had my big intake appointment with the gastric bypass surgeon. They kept describing it as an all day appointment that started at 645AM but then when they would go over what was going to happen I realized that unless they were really messed up it would be done by noon. Of course they called the night before and pushed the arrival time back to 9AM because of the infamous ice storm of 2010. So then I was thinking YAY because I got to sleep in and BOO because I wasn't going to make it to work at all that day and I would have to take more leave. Well guess what I was still done by 1130AM so I made it to work by 1230.

Once I made it to work they were in the middle of our Section Christmas Party so I got to eat and talk for about an hour. Then they said the magic words that all government workers love to hear, "You are released for the day." AHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG! is all I have to say.I moved on to the mall and got almost everything I had to finish done and was home in time to make dinner. Yep I rock!

So of course on Saturday I was on a mission. First I wanted to finish the final touch ups on the Christmas Tree, second I wanted to wrap all the gifts, third I wanted to make Crockpot Pork Chops, fourth I wanted to make it to church, and finally I wanted to go see the lights in Santa Claus Indiana.

I am sure you can all tell how very ambitious this was and that there is a post to follow with the highlights of the day. LOL

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Next year I'm telling everyone I want gift cards!

Every year I am required by law......err my mother to supply a Christmas list for the family. I don't know why because they either completely ignore it or talk to the kids and find other things they think are much better. Every freakin year I spend hours going online and researching the items and giving my family members links to them so they can see them online if they want. Hell I have been known to produce a damn good Holiday Spreadsheet in Excel@! Then I have to turn around and ask the kids to give me a list of items that my Mother in Law can find in stores since she has no internet access and refuses to order anything via the phone either.

Last year I made the fatal flaw of forgetting to check the price of a camera that my daughter had listed on her list. My mother being ever so rational decided it was perfectly appropriate to buy a 14 year old child a 400+ dollar camera even after I did everything in my power to stop it. I could have killed LAX Diva for even putting it on there but she atleast had a semi logical plan that we could all go in together and get it for her. YEAH right! I don't own a 400+ dollar camera no way in hell I am giving one to a child.

This year I made the fatal flaw of forgetting to make seperate lists for everyone involved. I made one list and distributed it to my Mother and Sister In Law so that they could print it and give it to the none computer people in our family. I discussed with my Mother, Sister In Law, and Mother In Law what each was getting so that I knew there would be no overlaps to the best of my knowledge. I didn't discuss it with my Aunt but since my Mom was in on it I figured she would discuss it with her. NOPE!

All Hell has now broken lose. Mom has bought things we bought, I bought something Mom bought I thought it was out of her proposed budget but apparently she fudged that part a bit, the Sister In Law and Mother In Law lost the handwritten list they made and took home with them of things available offline and now want me to provide that list back. Hell people I am buying for 18 people I can't remember what you said you might get and I can't be expected to know that you are buying something for me when you said it was out of your price range.

ARGH! Next year I am going to say we want gift cards and the hell with it all.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Continued Cheer Drama!

The crazy lady returned my key to another parent so she wouldn't have to speak to me which was just fine by me! I have no interest in taking part in any further drama with her. I spoke with the Cheer Coach and she confirmed that I am not the crazy one here that the other lady has been trying to pick me apart slowly behind my back for a while. Of course the cheer coach knows me so and has been very discreet about the whole issue since she has to play peace keeper in the middle.

Thank goodness this is over. Now we can move on to other stuff and wait for her to find a way to retaliate of course. I swear I feel like I am going to have to go underground to avoid this lady! LMAO

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cheer Momma Drama Continues!

I swear I can not win with this crap!

We have so much drama it is not even funny. I can't believe how petty some people are and how personally they take every comment. Last night we had our monthly booster meeting and we were trying to figure out our fund status as well as vote on having our choreographer come back to help the girls with tumbling and stunts before they go to regional competition. Funds are running a little tight but lets be honest we have alot of parents who don't do any fundraising and have no intention of paying for their cheer leader to go on the annual Nationals trip to Myrtle Beach. The plan as far as I can tell is for the parents to sit on their butts and have us raise all the funds then they get to go and reap the rewards. So funds are always going to be tight and I feel bad for the cheer leaders who bust their ass but aren't getting any help to improve themselves because we cant afford it.

A little background for you
1. Last year we competed at Nationals (we had to pay 4000+ dollars to attend) against 4 other teams and came in 5th. IE: Last place
2. We haven't made it to state competition since 2001
3. We suck compared to the people we compete against

So I voiced my opinion that we have the choice to keep our money and maintain our current level of competition or spend a little money on getting the girsl some help and maybe actually being able to compete against our peers! I mean going to Nationals in Myrtle Beach is awesome but wouldn't it be great for the girls to actually be able to get some real recognition at regionals where they aren't paying to get judged. Basically what I said was that we had every level of cheer leader from basic to advanced and we needed to develop them all so that everyone gets the benefit.

One of the parents stood up and accused me of insulting her child and calling the whole team crap and just basically went off on me. Of course this is the same lady who has been causing drama all year and who used to clean my house for me but I told her I didn't need her anymore (she sucked but I didn't say anything to her about it). So I apologized for offending her and her daughter both in public and via voice mail. Then I requested via voicemail that she return my house key since obviously she cant deal with me like an adult and keep her personal issues out of Booster club business. I let her know that since she apparently has such distaste for me I don't feel its appropriate she continue to have access to my house. Of course this all lead to a nasty voicemail from her this morning but I honestly just don't care. Guess what she doesn't ever want to speak to me again. LMAO

All the parents supported me and so did the coaches so I am not going to give it a second thought! Oh yeah right I get to mark her off the imaginary Christmas card list! LOL

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The MAN is trying to bring down the Physically Disabled people of the world!

First they told me I couldn't have Christmas lights up in my office or real trees which really ticked me off but hey who am I to fight the man right? Then they went a step too far and sent the safety inspector to inspect our office. This is how the conversation went:

Jack butt safety inspector: You have to remove this scooter
Me: Why
Jack butt safety inspector: It cant be left there over night and it cant be charged while in the building
Me: Why
Jack butt safety inspector: For a battery to be charged in the building you must have a shower and drain installed within 10 ft of the item
Me: So what happens if a scooter dies in the middle of the day? Does the Physically Disabled person have to low crawl out of the building?
Jack butt safety inspector: You can't have it in the building.
Me: So why didn't you all install all the proper safety items needed for the individuals who use these carts?
Jack butt safety inspector: (no reply)

So I contacted the top civilian in the office and he came down to fight the fight. I left the building because I knew I was going to lose my cool if I didn't.

Apparently the rest of the conversation went along the lines of this:
Top civilian: Just pointing out that there are currently no batteries in the scooter (they are out being charged at the auto shop)
Jack butt safety inspector: They can't be in the building.
Top civilian: How are the Physically disabled supposed to get around and go to the bathroom?
Jack butt safety inspector: The halls are not wide enough for the scooters
Top civilian: Isn't that an issue in case of fire?
Jack butt safety inspector: Batteries can't be charged in the building.

Needless to say they kept going back and forth with no answers being given. Finally the guy figured out the batteries were Gel not Acid and that changes things a bit. Last but not least he looked at the charger and found that it had a trip switch built in. Apparently that makes a big difference. Now he wants the specs for the cart.

OMG why cant we all just get along!

Status Update on the War!

OK so first off I totally posted something on here this weekend and it is GONE! But we'll just skip that issue and go onto the good stuff.

Here are the most recent status updates on the war!
December 3rd
Two new trees have recently entered the AO. They are real and 5 foot tall! Charlie Brown is going down......
December 6th
The Grinch came through the weekend! He took our lights and our trees! WAR I TELL YOU THIS IS WAR!!!!
December 7th
As of today the enemy has stepped up their game! They copied our style and put paper and ribbon on their walls. But we added fake snow to the top of our cubicles and gold bows with bells to our walls. Tomorrow we are going to add a white trim around the bottom reminiscent of Santa's cuffs on his suit. They are going to pay for their pride! LOL

Stay tuned for further breaking news!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The post where I declare war!

I have declared a Christmas decorating war here in my office! LOL I brought in one strand of lights for my desk but felt bad about not having enough for our whole area so I let them use it out front. They made a horrible replica of a Christmas tree that looked more like a Canadian Maple leaf. So the guys across from us kept standing up and singing "OH Canada" or some crap like that. Needless to say one morning I came in and a Canadian flag had been taped to the wall next to it!

Let's just say war has been declared within the very halls of the Army. We had to one up them so I brought in a second strand of lights, Chrismtas stockings for all my co-workers, Chrismtas ornaments, and wreaths. Another co-worker brought in some wrapping paper and wrapped the walls. And our resident man has come up with a plan, we are going to wait and see where they stop and then one up them again! LOL

I actually sent them a fake casualty notice for their Charlie Brown Christmas tree! LOL
Last: Christmas Tree
First: Charlie
Middle: Brown
Status: Dustwun (duty status whereabouts unkown)
Time: 1319
Date: 20101202
GPS Location: 136.98765
Remarks: Apparent Self Inflicted wounds due to utter humiliation. The staff had too much Hatorade and their tree set itself on fire! They are now evacuating the AO and fleeing to Canada.

I am thinking of sending out daily status updates!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super Fabulous Christmas Cards

This year we are going to have photo Christmas cards thanks to an idea I got from Claire on my favorite military support group website. You know who you are! LOL Claire got that inner spark going and the next thing I know I am reading Postcards from Insanity and I see Snarky Mom has found a way to get free Christmas cards with a Super Fabulous Deal for Bloggers.  OK I am in, I don’t need a sign from God to point me in the right direction I will do it already :P
The kids are just thrilled since this means they have to get dressed up for the pictures but the Grandparents are always complaining I don’t send them pictures often enough so I figure this kills two birds with one stone right! What more can a girl ask for your say…….
Someone to make the kids stand still for the pictures right! Well two out of two ain’t bad! That’s right LAX Diva has a friend whose mother is a photographer and will take the picture for me. Plus I am going out of town this weekend for my anniversary and the Grandparents have to get them to the photo shoot.
So I need your opinions, do you like this  or this layout? Please disregard the cute families and keep in mind it will be a photo of my two adorable goofs!
Check out their Christmas collection, or get a Holiday card, or get a  Calendar to keep your family close all year round.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The blog where I describe one of the reasons God should smite me!

Christmas Spirit has hit! I am so ready for Christmas to be here that I am trying to figure out ways to get presents early. LOL I mean honestly how do they expect a girl to wait a whole month while gifts are just sitting there begging to be given away?

It doesn't help that I have impulse control issues when I see bright shiny objects. I cant go out of the house right now for fear of a mass spending spree that could surpass the amount needed to house a small Ethiopian community. It's just wrong and God should smite me for my overindulgences. Of course since I am locked in the house he wont have to do that right away. Hopefully Daddy D will keep me under control for a few weeks longer and then God can safely knock me off the smite list.Well atleast he can knock me off the overindulgent shopper smite list I may have to admit that I probably could be on a few other smite lists if I were being completely honest.

PS Does anyone know how to spell smite? I cant decide if it is smite or smight. Seems like since it is the big guy who is doing it and he is all mighty and stuff it should be smight but spell checker says no.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OK People I totally lost track of the days!

I had no idea I had missed days and days of blogging. You guys must have gone into a deep depression without me here to pepper you with my lovely bits of wisdom. So this month I have decided I need more people to friend my blog so I have come up with an idea to offer my awesome friendliness to all of you. So from now on anyone who friends me will get a mention in a blog and I will friend them back. I know I know the angels are raining down on you with hymns and glitter and awe!

HEHEHE seriously though I need some readers so if you come here to read me please friend me so I know you care!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Belated Thanksgiving!

Well I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The food came out great, the family all made it here safe, and everything came together really well. We did our small amount of Black Friday shopping and spent the rest of today chilling out! I am tired and ready for a day off. LOL

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feeling disconnected and alone

I guess at some point in my life I thought that the people around me would understand where I am coming from and who I am. Seems odd to me now that as I look around I see two spoiled children who don't seem to care where it comes from as long as they get what they want, a husband who God help him has no clue how to show affection and to talk to me about important things, a mother who I desperately need to connect with but am sick to death of trying on, a brother who when he is sober is nice but extremely distant, and a father who only knows how to help me deal with small stuff.

I used to have a large family but around 10 years old my mothers family stopped talking to us and I no longer know or care for them the way I did because I disconnected due to the confusion of it all.  My father has two sisters who both have family but one moved away and we only see her once or twice a year, the other sister I was very close to until her husband was very inappropriate with me and then she shut me out and chose him. In a matter of about 5 years I went from having Christmas breakfast with a set of close cousins, Christmas lunch with my mothers family, and Christmas dinner with my dads family to only having Christmas breakfast with the close cousins and Christmas dinner with immediate family. Needless to say my dads sister was at both functions with her husband so it was a very uncomfortable time for me and everyone else just pretended it had never happened. 

Don't get me wrong I really try to say it doesn't bother me and that I am used to it but right now as I sit in my house surrounded by the people who are supposed to love and support me I feel alone. I have to watch everything I say around LAX Diva or we wind up in a fight, Bug has no clue about what is going on around her and generally just lives in her own little world, Daddy D tries to keep the peace but in the long run spends more time in front of the TV than talking to us. My mom is just a mess emotionally and I have consistently described conversations with her as feeling like I was" walking on eggshells" for the last 10 years. My father is great just not willing to go into anything deep and his sister my aunt who I was once extremely close with just brushed off family Thanksgiving to spend with some friends. It feels like I am in a trap and everything is just shutting down inside me.

If this weren't bad enough I am having a hard time with my boss at work. I think he is just playing around and doesn't realize that by being more of a wiseacre with me than he is with all the other staff member is sort of off putting. Pretty much I just think he thinks he can tease me mercilessly and I will just take it and it wont bother me.I am really trying to let it roll off my back but at this point it is starting to get to me.

Finally when did people get so uptight! I mean I know as well as the next person that certain things are inappropriate when said in mixed company or with people from work. IE: a sexist joke might not go over so well if you are at a church function or talking to your boss. But when you have a group of grown adults sitting around a table talking about anything and everything why are people being judged. Since when did a person have to feel so uptight about a cuss word slipping out or expressing an opinion (not a crazy opinion like the world is going to end tomorrow just a generic old opinion on lets say a hat or a litter box). Seriously I work for the military people cussing is pretty normal and opinions are normal you would think at some point people could step outside their political eggshells and just have a blessed conversation.

I don't honestly feel like I have a single person in the world I can talk to right now without having to sensor what I say or feel.

Monday, November 22, 2010

LAX Diva deleted me off of Facebook

I got sick of LAX Diva constantly going on Facebook and blowing up at me and her father so I blasted her the other day and told her I didn't appreciate it. So in all her brilliance she deleted me from her Facebook. She must be a real idiot if she thinks I wont figure out that I am no longer receiving 5 status updates a day from her!

Honestly I am just so tired of it. Raising a teenage daughter is hard enough without having to deal with them having 90 options to publish their life out to the entire world. I get so sick of being told I am a moron and being beaten to death with her guilt trips when I try to talk to her about anything. She can't have a conversation with us about anything without acting like an idiot because we don't just agree with everything she says.

I don't know if I am just such a failure at this or if she is just trying to drive me crazy so that she can get away with whatever she wants. I mean her opinions on life change as often as her underwear so how am I supposed to keep up with it. 2 months ago if I said anything about going to church she wasn't in the least bit interested now she has a religious boyfriend and every other post on Facebook is a bible quote. She actually made my father take her to church this weekend while we were down there and then had to spend thirty minutes explaining to the new boyfriend why she went to a Catholic church and not his choice of church. Seriously I am about to get irritated with this new boyfriend! We are not Baptist we are Catholic and having him drag her to his church every other day for some function is not going to change that. I am sick of the invitations, sick of the constant quotes coming out of my daughters mouth, and sick of the whole religious thing all together. If I wanted to change churches I would make that choice on my own not because some 17 year old kid is so wrapped up in his church that he can't have an identity without them.

Before I get yelled at by someone for not being open to another church please understand that I am happy where I am and have nothing against Baptist churches I just don't appreciate having a 17 year old kid condemn me for not being a Baptist.

Do you hate it when people try to sell stuff on Facebook?

I am in need of opinions. Recently I started selling products for a company called Thirty One. LAX Diva's cheer team is doing a fundraiser through them and I liked the stuff so much that I went ahead and became a consultant. I have a small goal to meet by the end of two months and only need a few more sales to make it.

Do you guys think it is ok to post a weekly status on Facebook promoting a sale? I don't plan to do daily updates or anything like that but I thought weekly ones would be ok considering I am not the kind of person who posts tons of updates on Facebook.

What do you think?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally home!

This weekend I went to visit family and pick up some furniture they have been trying to pawn off on me. LOL We went to pick up a dresser and a hutch that used to belong to my great aunt Dorothy and came home with a display cabinet, lots of crystal, and a lot of dishes for Thanksgiving. It felt kind of like visiting Wal-Mart, I mean honestly when do you ever go to Wal-Mart and get just three things you always come home with a ton of stuff you didn't go for.

My mom is aparently in the mood to get rid of stuff but I had to explain that if she doesn't want it because she never uses it then I probably don't need it either. She did give me several casserole dishes and a bunch of pampered chef stuff she was wanting to get rid of. I have to return most of the casseroles after Christmas but atleast I will have enough to cook with for a change. I love the pampered chef stuff so I came out if the good.

All in all it was a good weekend!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I reached a milestone today!

I have officially made 100 posts! This is 101. Never thought I would hit that mark without someone cussing me out. LOL

Is it better if I Google porn?

You know what I really don't appreciate being called out in front of everyone for talking to a coworker longer than the boss man wanted. Of course if he would come out of his cubicle he would know I was working at the same time!

Plus what the hell difference does it make we have no work to do. I had one thing to do for the whole day and I was done with it by 930AM. WOW that took me a whole hour! Just because his best buddy takes all day to get stuff done doesn't mean that I do. I got here at 8AM and started working around 830AM after getting logged in to the system and chatting with my coworker. Now normally I would never talk that long to a coworker but considering I have been here for 2 months and never have more than 2 hours of work to do in a day what the hell else am I supposed to do. She has no work either, the whole time we were chatting she was online looking at baby clothes and cribs. Hell she has yet to do anything work related otherthan send an email all day.

I know the stats say that I do more work than any of them and I really don't appreciate it at all. I dont spend my days online IM'ing people like his best buddy does. OOOPS thats right he doesn't know that his best buddy is a moron who IM's people all day long and cant do his job. Maybe because he doesn't come out of his cubicle to see it unless he is heading for a smoke break.

Is it better if I Google porn? I mean then atleast I would be quiet right?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The sickies have caught up to me!

I wasn't feeling well last night and so I just laid around all night. Today I woke up with the stomach issues and I haven't done a thing all day. I did manage to make it out of bed around noon.

Just to top things off I got a call that Bug was sick and throwing up at school. So this day is just getting better and better.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do you ever just get tired?

Right now I am just tired. I have a 15 year old daughter who treats me like crap, a 10 year old daughter who is wonderful except when she isn't, and a extended family who is driving me crazy. Why can't any of them just let me alone for a bit so I can be normal.

As I am sure you are aware LAX Diva has issues with boundaries, mainly I set them and she annoys the crap out of me until I give in. Unfortunately for her I don't always give in. The problem is that anytime she gets news she doesn't like, particularly news that includes the word "no" she automatically goes off the deep end. You can't talk to her about anything after that. I swear she has a manual that lists what to do when the word "no" is applied to her. Step 1 roll eyes, Step 2 ignore the person talking and refuse to make eye contact, Step 3 cry, Step 4 get mad and try to leave, Step 5 the poor pitiful me routine, Step 6 claim she is stupid and therefore can't change, Step 7 claim she has no goals in life and therefore doesn't need to improve anyway. All in all it ends with me getting irritated and giving up on her again and again. I know she is a teenager and I should expect it but I am totally done at this point. She has to make the changes I can't keep doing it for her.

Bug on the other hand is a happy child and will do whatever she is asked when she is asked to avoid any kind of argument. Her only issues are that she absolutely can not control her mischievous side. This week alone she managed to get one fingernail worth of teal fingernail polish on the wall and she painted two keys on the keyboard green. I expect it because she has been this way forever but when she lies to me about it I get irritated.

In other news my aunt who used to be a wonderful loving person and is now a total witch informed me that since I didn't send a formal invitation to her for Thanksgiving she accepted an invitation to join her newly adopted family. Seriously my aunt thinks she needs some sort of formal invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. WTH! I told her to have a good time.

Peppermint Patti is still in the process of adopting a baby and even though she said she was going to wait until after she got possession of the baby to buy anything she is now requesting baby gifts for her birthday and Christmas. Come on people just give me a break already.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I am a moron!

Every time I try to talk to LAX Diva I walk away feeling like a moron. She hates me and everything I say and do. She is content to do nothing and be nothing and wants nothing to do with anyone trying to help her succeed. I am sick of it and tired of feeling like a moron for even trying to talk to her like a human.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I failed again and this time I'm not even gonna try to think up an excuse!


Actually I have no excuse for Friday other than work and a football game. Saturday I was at a cheer competition all day. Anyway I was busy and had company and therefore off my game.

Life has been treating me good but I am fighting a huge migraine today. In better news I got almost all my Christmas shopping list done on Friday at work since we were dead. I just have to add a few options for Bug and LAX Diva and then we should be good to go. Today I am working with the girls and finishing up the list so I can send it out to the family tomorrow. Unfortunately as usual my mom can't wait 10 minutes to get the list so she is calling the girls and they are giving her things that are ridiculous. Every year we do the same thing and she winds up buying them something way to expensive. They always lose it or never use it and then she gets her feeling hurts. You would think she would learn.

I am kind of excited about Christmas this year and I am ready to start putting up the stuff which is really unusual for me. Normally I am the person that bitches about all the stores basically skipping the Thanksgiving Holiday. But this year I am just ready to get out my trees and start decorating.

Call me crazy! LOL Wait you guys already do. HAHAHA

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Tonight I went to watch Bug perform in the 5th grade veterans day program. She had a speaking part and a solo to sing and she was really nervous. Funny thing is she is normally really outgoing and over the top but the minute you stick her in front of people she has trouble. No one ever believes me when I tell them she has major stage fright, everyone just sees her outgoing personality and assumes it will transfer to anything she does. I tell her all the time if she could just move past the stage fright she would be amazing.

Well tonight she did it! She was wonderful and her daddy and I were so proud.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I just couldn't wait!

I got fresh ribeye steaks tonight and made the ribeye's with whiskey cream sauce. OMG they were delicious! I will never doubt Paula or Michelle ever again. Daddy D loved it and the kids raved about it I can't believe I found something new that everyone loved.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Email from the previous Cheer Booster President

Lets start this one off by saying this email came from one of the three Cheer Booster presidents who quit last year because they couldn't handle it. Second let me say that I have edited it to add my answers to her questions.
Q. Aren't we going to put on the Christmas pageant again?
A. Maybe if we had known anything about it.  LOL
Q.First, how much money do we have now to cover each cheerleader, and how much more is needed? 
A. We have as much money as those of us who have volunteered to fund raise have been able to drag in and a lot more is needed. Which reminds me when are you planning to help out with a fund raising event?
Q.Let's try to raise enough money to take this burden off the shoulders of the parents and to cover those cheerleaders who have no parental interest in fundraising.  We all know that we're going to have to pay their way.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to pay for my child and then have to turn around and pay for someone else's child as well.  
A. As for parents and cheerleaders who have no interest in fund raising I don't see why those of us who have been busting hump for the last several months should take on even more of a burden because they don't do anything. I personally don't plan on doubling the number of fundraisers we do just so that people who don't take part have even less to do.
Q. I would like to see the trip covered 100% for each cheerleader. 
A. As for having everything paid off 100% it could be possible but it would take the effort of every parent which is clearly not going to happen. (Reference your above question)
Q. Also, last year we decided to forgo most gifts and focus on having the money for hotel, airfare, and meals.  If this means that the girls don't get fancy gifts but meal money, I'd vote for the meal money any day.
A.. As for gifts, what gifts other than the senior gifts do we do?  I think if my child busts her ass for four years she deserves a 50 dollar gift or two. Also why am I now having to raise money for your child to eat you feed her at home on a regular basis right?
Q. What else do we have planned for fundraising for this year and the beginning of next?
1. Attend a meeting or two and you might know.
2. Don't get your panties in a wad we haven't quit fundraising yet. In fact if you come to the meeting tonight you will learn about two or three that are in the works.
Q. Do we have enough money now for airfare?  Hotel?  Vans?  If not, we need to start paying for these expenses as we go along.  How about starting with everyone's airfare and then moving on from there?
1. We already paid the vans off and the plan is to pay things as we go along thanks so much for the input.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly menu for November 8th

Ok so all my friends are doing this and since I am such a follower (LOL) I thought I would try it too.

Monday-YOYO (your on your own)
Tuesday-Pulled Pork
Wednesday-Shepards Pie
Thursday- Still not sure may be having people over
Friday-Pioneer Pioneer Woman's Ribeye steak with Whiskey Cream Sauce
Saturday- YOYO
Sunday-Chicken and Dumplings

Back to work

Well I am back at work and as usual the day is dragging by. I was done with all my work by 930am and now I just have all day to sit here and ponder the complexities of my life. LOL

Right now I am just too tired to care and my head is hurting so I have decided to come on here and whine. So here goes. I am so sick of the guy next to me being a pain in my ass. Sick of the preggo girl being on the phone. Sick of the COl's wife doing absolutely nothing. Sick of the old employees being bitchy about teaching us anything at all. Sick of my boss being himself. Sick of my bosses girlfriend telling us how to do stuff that we don't have the permission to do.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

OMG what is on that babies head?

Ok so I highly admit that over the last few years I have repeatedly said I should not be allowed around pregnant women or parent of infant/toddlers. I find it really difficult to hold my tongue when they go off on some barrage about how feeding your child while watching ESPN is detrimental to their development. I really have no issue with people trying to make sure that the majority of foods and stimulation in their child's life is good for them but I like to see parents who are also rational about the fact that at some point the child will probably eat an Oreo or be allowed to watch a TV program that is not completely educational.

So imagine my amazement when I got to my new job and met a soon to be mother who is smart enough to realize that reality will eventually creep into her childs life. First I was amazed that she didn't go on and on about the failures that came before her, you know those horrible people who didn't have a at home sterilization machine for the babies bottles. Second I am still amazed at how realistic she is about how she is going to raise her daughter. Third I dropped my jaw when she said she liked that thing Mrs Duggar puts on baby Josie's head! LMAO

Really I am just teasing I think it is cute, I just wonder if the poor kid has an imprint on her head from it later. Anyway I ran into a little store the other day and they had a ton of them where you could change out the decoration on the headband so I thought HMMMMMM I guess I could get her one right? I mean she told me flat our her baby will be a "bow head" and said that "bigger is better." Needless to say about 40$ later she has several to chose from. They were so cute I just couldn't help myself.

Can you say sucker!!!! LOL

I failed again!

But for yesterday I have a real excuse we had some computer issues and it didn't get fixed until after I had already left the house.

Yesterday I blew off all my Cheer Mom duties and spent the day shopping with Bug and my mother. It actually wasn't bad. I got quite a bit done in the way of winter shopping for Bug and mom and I managed to get along for the whole time without any awkwardness. That in and of itself is amazing.

Bug got her first pair of Sperry's and spent an hour in Club Tabby getting her self all dolled up as a Rainbow Rocker. She had 5 different colors of hairspray in her hair, orange glitter fingernail polish, fake rainbow eyelashes, a large multicolor hairpiece with silver chains, and bright pink and purple makeup. She was A-MAZ-ING according to her!

I think she sung country music at the top of her lungs the whole way home just to keep it all going!

Friday, November 5, 2010

A night of peace and quiet

For the first time in a long time I am putting aside the expectations of others. Tonight and tomorrow I am going to be spending some time with family instead of killing myself to make it to every event and function. I am tired. Tired of running around and making things happen. For once I am saying enough is enough and I need a break.

I missed a day so I have been forcibly removed from NoBloPoMO!

Seriously the gestapo over at the NoBloPoMo site said I was a loser and that they couldn't be associated with me anymore. Personally I think they just don't like me cause I am soooooooo much prettier than they are but what-ev!

Got your attention didn't I. HA!

I never even signed up with those guys I personally feel like I don't need anyone supervising my failure to post on a daily basis. I mean seriously my own self hatred for failing to provide your daily dose of information is enough, I don't need some body else to point it out. LOL

I promise to make up for it by posting twice today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Pissing people off when they are trying to learn something new doesn't really accomplish anything. In fact it makes your work load heavier at a later date.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At work and bored out of my mind!

Do you ever just sit at work and wish there were something you could do to make the day go by faster? I came in to work today with nothing to do becuase I had cleared it all up yesterday. BIG MISTAKE!

First off I get so good at taking care of everything that it becomes my new job title. Miss fix it to the rescue! LOL I get that shit all the time and I am really getting tired of it. I am sick of feeling bad because I have work ethic and think it is a freaking joke to Google all day long. I am also sick of carrying the bulk of all the work. As I am sitting here typing this I forwarded an email with a case that needs to be worked so that my coworker could do one for a change. Guess what he made a huge deal out of it being easy and me never getting the easy cases, he suggested multiple times that I take care of it so I could say I had an easy one. I tried to pass it off but he signed out and left it "just for me". Awesome! ARGHHHH! Of course since he has no idea what the hell he is doing it wasn't as easy a fix as he thought. Oh well I would have had to clean it up later anyways.

Second of all I am not a manager of any sort so I am really trying to back down and have the manager start doing his job a little more. Mainly because he seems to get a little touchy when he reviews our computer transactions for the day and finds that I have done most of them. I think he really wants to assign them out evenly but it never works out that way. Everything he assigns to my coworker has some sort of issue and then it gets reassigned to me. Why I don't know. I try to help out and do little things like make a list of the things each of us are bringing to the upcoming Thanksgiving supper so that the manager doesn't have to deal with it but the manager seems to get a little bitchy about that too. His plan is to do nothing and if it doesn't work out fine. Long story short I keep getting the shit end of the stick and I am sick of it.

Last but not least now I have nothing to do and I am bored to death!!!!! Two things to do for the whole day what am I supposed to do for the other 7.5 hours?

Monday, November 1, 2010


I had no idea what this meant for the longest time but I finally decided I just had to Google it today. Anyway apparently it is just the excuse I needed to get back into this blogging thing.

So today I am going to focus on the previously mentioned sister in law IE: Peppermint Patty and her possible impending adoption of a baby boy. I am really having a hard time being supportive of this and therefore I am avoiding talking to her so that I don't spread my nasty opinions. Really it is hard to support it for so many reasons but I think for me the biggest one is Peppermint Patty's spouse who I have never been able to relate to. Before you guys go all crazy on me for being less than supportive of someones adoption plan let me introduce you to the issues.

1. Their marriage has been on the rocks more times than I can count and they are constantly broke so we are having to help them out financially.

2. Peppermint Patty has some pretty serious health issues.

3. The ceiling in their Master Bedroom is falling in due to water damage and Peppermint Patty's hubby says he's just going to wait until it falls before fixing it. Apparently he isn't concerned about his wife sleeping under the ceiling when this happens.

4. They are adopting a child from the child of the people who run their favorite bar.

5. They can't afford to pay their bills so how are they going to afford the adoption?

6. They have to pass a home study.

7. Emotionally if this whole plan falls apart I may lose my wonderful sister in law.

That may not be enough for some people but it makes me want to stay way the hell out of the situation for as long as possible so that I am not part of the fallout later on.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sick and Tired

I am officially sick! All week long I have been fighting it and trying to ignore it but yesterday it caught me full force. I spent half the day in bed and still had no problems going back to bed last night. I am feeling a little better today but I run out of energy quick. Thank goodness I went to the Dr and got meds a few days ago just in case it got worse.

I am also sick and tired of the Cheer Momma drama I have going on. I had to fire Overzealous Cheer Mom because she was doing a really bad job as my house cleaner. I told her I was just trying to save some money and that she had done a wonderful job just so I could avoid the drama but apparently that didnt work well because Overzealous Cheer Mom has decided to quit being the cheer booster secretary. She says it is because it is just too much work. LOL All she does is take notes and present them at the next meeting but what ev! Makes my life simpler anyway. Of course it couldn't be that easy right.....Overzealous Cheer Mom decided I should be the one to take her place. Everyone was teasing me about it having to take the job until the cheer booster president took a stand and said NO she was going to avoid allowing Overzealous Cheer Mom to push us around. Thank God I was praying I would not get pushed into doing it.

Last but not least I am sick and tired of our new guy and girl at work. One of them is lazy and the other is a snitch. I swear I miss my old job so bad!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life as I know it.......

is booooooooring! I think my new job could be slept through and no one would no it. Sorry I haven't been around here much lately but after hours of staring at a computer and pretending to be awake I can't stand looking at the computer when I get home. So I am making a vow to get back in my groove and keep my two readers entertained. LOL

Anyway the Cheer drama continues and I continue to attempt to avoid getting dumped on. So far so good! Daddy D has been gone for a few weeks now and is set to come home this weekend. I am so excited. Daddy D's sister Peppermint Patti is in the process of adopting a baby in the most unconventional way ever, more on that later.  Lax Diva has met and fallen in love with Bible Toting Boy and I guess I should be happy but I personally feel things are moving way too quickly. They met a little over a week ago and are inseparable, it is actually irritating the hell out of me but I cant say too much or she might fall in love even more and where would that get me.

The Bug is in love with a guy too and they are too cute together. She texts him like a zillion times a day and drives me batty when he doesn't text her right back. She goes insane if he takes more than 5 minutes to return a text.

God save me from the drama!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

MEME from Married/Single Parent

Michelle over at Married/Single Parent has tagged me for a meme. Check out her site and all her wonderful menu's.

If you could invite anyone in the world, who would you want as your dinner guest? What would you serve them for dinner?

I would love to meet all my ladies from SW! I think that would be more fun than anything some strange famous person could bring to the table. I would probably serve them whatever Michelle was cooking LOL because I am not a huge cook. If Michelle couldn't make it I would probably just make anything I could find in the fridge :) I am sure that makes them all want to come.

What is your favorite "me time" activity?

Probably reading but I don't get much time to do that. I spend more time getting my nails done and I enjoy that so I guess you would say that is my "me time" activity that I do the most.

If you could rename yourself who would you become?

ME I don't think I would change my name at all.

How long have you been blogging & why did you start?

A little over a year. I started to help me have a place to go to deal with LAX Diva's drama.

You are granted one super power, what would it be and how would you use it?

The ability to read minds. I would use it to read my mother and my kids minds so that I would know what the hell they were thinking for a change.

What one electronic device could you not live without?

Probably my computer. Unlike most people I could stand to live without my cell phone.

If you had a time machine, what year would you travel to and why?

1993, I would have changed the way my one year of college went by standing up for myself.

What is one thing (material item) you don't share well with others?

Probably my computer.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Volunteer of the year?

So those of you who know me you know I have a genetic default that requires me to volunteer for things whether I really want to or not. I complain about it at times but in general I truly believe the world needs more volunteers. If there were more people willing to volunteer there would be less overwhelmed volunteers running around out there. Unfortunately right now so few people actually volunteer for things or show up for parent meetings that it is hard to get anything done without depending heavily on the few people who do.

I tend to be the lady at work who wont leave until everything is taken care of. I do what I have to do to take care of the customer and I almost never say "enough" and walk away. People tend to take advantage of that. Sometimes it is a coworker and sometimes it is the customer but in general I get a lot of extra work dumped on me simply because I am good and I make things happen. Not to toot my own horn but I have been the go to lady at almost every place I have ever worked. I love it and hate it.

This year my daughter joined cheerleading and I attend the monthly booster meetings so that I know what the heck is going on. I intentionally didn't volunteer to do much in the beginning because I didn't want to fall into the roll of "go to girl" like I always do. I gave feedback and recommended things to help make more money but I didn't volunteer to do any of them since I was new to the area and didn't really have a community knowledge base to work off of. I swear to you these people looked at me like I had some sort of halo around my head. They were amazed that some of this stuff could be looked at differently and maybe increase our fund raising abilities.

Slowly but surely I have become the "go to girl" for the booster president. I volunteered to help with the sign ups for Youth cheer leading and that turned into running the practices and then setting up and selling goods at the youth football games. I have decided that next year I will ask to be in charge of the whole thing so that I can make some changes that could and should make things better. I don't mind at all because I truly enjoy it and I have willingly chosen to do all of this.

Until this week!

The Booster president had a death in the family and had to go out of town at the last minute. I got a ton of phone calls and questions asking me everything from could I run the booth at the high school football game to making sure that the doughnut booth was set up after the game. I had no problem handling it for the booster president because she has always helped me when I needed it and is the hardest worker I have ever met but I was a little irritated that other parents were calling me and the cheerleaders were acting like I was their new point of contact. The problems started when they needed a check to pay for the doughnuts and couldn't get in touch with the treasurer. Apparently I have now been promoted to treasurer and was asked if I could write a check for the doughnuts. I knew I would get a check the next day at the football game but I just felt taken advantage of since they showed up unannounced at my house at 9pm the night before the check was needed and asked me to take care of it. Seriously people none of the elected booster members could have stepped up and done it? They know the treasurer always shows up at the end of the game and writes a check for it if there is a snafu that keeps him from getting it there before hand.

My friend who is also a coworker keeps telling me I am a sucker. I agree, but I am not sure whether that is a bad thing or not. At work I have finally started learning to stand up for myself and put my foot down when people are dumping on me. I still probably carry more of a load than most others but I don't think I should feel bad for putting in a solid work day I think the other people should feel bad for not doing their best at work. I feel the same way about volunteering I shouldn't have to feel bad for being the sucker who is willing to hand over some money for 24 hours I think the other people should take a look at themselves for not being willing to go above and beyond for their daughters future. Before you all think I am crazy for thinking about doughnut money and my daughters future the doughnut proceeds go into a college scholarship fund for the cheerleaders. For every year they cheer they get 100$ in scholarship funds.

These other parents were willing to put their child's scholarship fund in jeopardy simply because they couldn't be bothered to write a check. Hell the check wont make it to the bank any faster than the deposit will considering the doughnut place is a huge chain and the parents all bank locally.

Am I crazy? Am I such a sucker? Should I feel bad because I am always counted on for things like this? Should I question myself at all?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last week at work!

I wish! LOL! This is just my last week at this job. I start my other job on Monday after working 6 days straight here. By the time next Friday rolls around I will have worked 11 days straight. I am going to be so freaking worn out it wont even be funny. So please take it easy on me if I am not here as often as I would like, I am probably laying somewhere comatose sucking down a margarita through a straw and praying that this will end soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things have been quiet around here!

Well OK maybe not but right now I have decided to ignore everything else and chill out for a night. LOL

I start my new job in a week but I am actually hoping to get an offer on a different job this week. If everything works out I will get the second job and never even have to start with the other one. Cheer leading is on a slow week for now and I am going to take full advantage of it. All I have to do this week is make a few "noise makers" for the football games and attend a friends sons soccer game. Easy Peasy right? :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monthly cheer booster meeting

OK so now that you have read the title you should understand why I feel like poking my eyes out to avoid going right? Well just in case you aren't familiar with why the words booster meeting and hell are interchangeable here are a few reasons why.

Anyway I went because that is what us crazy cheer mom's do so that we know what our cheer leaders are doing this month. I spoke with the cheer coaches about the issues LAX Diva had at the football game the other night and together we agreed that they needed to handle it. So I told them I was backing out of the whole situation so they could take over and deal with the Overzealous Cheer Momma who thinks she is the boss of everyone.

Now for the juicy bit....I always sit near the back because I like to see everyone and not have to turn around when people talk. Well today when I tried to sit down Overzealous Cheer Momma immediately said I should come sit at the front table with her and the Booster president (loudest lady ever). Being as I am staying out of the drama from the other night and trying to keep a semblance of peace I obliged. My ears were about to explode after an hour of the Booster president talking but I think I made my point that I am not going to back down or hide from Overzealous Cheer Momma. I know she was just waiting for me to say something out of line or want to "talk" about what happened the other night but I had made up my mind I was not being drawn into it.

Even juicier......One of our cheer moms was just in the paper for embezzling from her employer but since I am new to town I had no idea about it. Apparently the Booster president didn't know who she was either so she assigned the mother the job of setting up and collecting funds for a bowling fundraiser. Needless to say the other mom's informed her right after the meeting!

I could have sworn I moved to a small town where embezzling was not supposed to be a normal topic of conversation!

Feeling pushed around!

Well it is official I got offered a civilian job which is something I have been trying to get for the last 3 years. Of course it comes at the wrong time when I am in a job I really love but I refuse to turn down a long term career position for a temp job which is basically what government contract work is. So everybody keeps asking me to stay and I really want to but I feel like I have to take this new job or I might not get another oppurtunity.

Top that push and pull situation off with the monthly cheer booster meeting drama and I am feeling bitchy about the whole situation. I guess I am just tired of feeling like everything going on around me is out of my control. I want to be able to get a civilian job doing what I currently do and work in my current office. I also want to be able to walk up to the drama queens at Cheer and say what I feel needs to be said.

I don't know why but everyone expects me to act like an adult and make good choices so I am supposed to take the civilian job working with strangers because it is better for my career and I am not allowed to tell the Cheer drama queens to stick it where the sun don't shine.

FOR NOW!!!!! We shall see what happens........

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And the drama continues

LAX Diva managed to bring home a midterm that contained two D's and an F. Yeah!!!! What an achievement. I swear that child will be the death of me. Then top it off with her joining the cheer team this year and I think I may have to just shoot her.

Of course I have grounded her from everything except cheer leading and that is only because they have competitions coming up and I don't think it would be fair to ruin it for the other girls. I am officially now a bitch but I really don't care I just want her to know that her grades are the most important thing ever.

The other cheer parents are driving me nuts and I am seriously already regretting having volunteered to do anything for them but I am going to finish out what I volunteered for. Once I am done with this job I am going to back out a little and try and see what else is going to happen. I have a feeling next year they are going to want me to do more and if I am even going to consider it I need to figure out what I am getting into first.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

People seriously need to grow up!

I am now officially a Cheer mom and I am quickly learning that Cheer mom are as bad as a bunch of teenage girls. They have a ton of drama going on right now and I am doing my best to keep my mouth shut and stay the heck out of it. But as they say, the best intentions often fail.

So here goes the the football game last night a cheerleader said a cuss word while in the concessions line. One of the other kids and her mother apparently decided it was their responsibility to verbally bitch slap the kid for saying "no shit." I get it OK! The kid is not supposed to cuss when she is in uniform because she is a representative of the school. But...first off this is not the parent or her daughters job to say anything to this kid...second this is where it takes a turn that I don't care for at all. LAX Diva stepped in and asked everyone to calm down and maybe deal with it later and the mother grabbed her arm and told her to "stay out of it." LAX Diva just walked away.

I am a little pissed since I firmly believe that no adult should lay their hands on anyone's kid. I know this lady and I know she is a little forceful but I also know she did not grab my daughter with any force or anger she was just wrong. My main issue is that the mom never should have been the one dealing with this issue, the cheer coaches should have done it. Last but not least LAX Diva's diarrhea of the mouth just will not grow away. I mean honestly why does she feel the need to get into every issue after I have repeatedly told her that keeping her mouth shut and staying out of the bullshit will save her so much trouble.

Anyway I had to work with the mother today at youth cheer and she immediately wanted to discuss this. I just told her I had no interest in discussing it. I will go to the coaches like she SHOULD have done and have them deal with her. If they don't then I will step up and take it from there.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why is it that some people just never get kicked around!

I know I have mentioned before that one of my previous co-workers was a lazy ass and never did any work. Her house has to be the biggest and the best , her life is always fabulous, she always has a better paying job, and she always has the inside track to an even better paying job right around the corner. Well in case I haven't mentioned it I can't stand scammer's and so this girl drives me crazy. She is so full of bullshit that I think it is running out her ears.
When I moved here I was unable to transfer because she transferred a few weeks before me and caused so many problems they upped the requirements to apply for the transfer. Basically she shammed so much that they said they didn't want anyone else from our company so I got stuck out in the cold. Of course once I got here I got hired by a different contracting company and I work down the hall from this same girl. I was really hoping to escape her and her crap.

So today she comes by to say hi and says that her position is getting converted from a contract position to a civil service position. The pay raise will be phenomenal and she will rule the world. I on the other hand am still trying to fight kicking and screaming to get a civil service position with a pay cut!

Why is it that some people just never get kicked around! My theory is she is just a flat out liar and that is why her life always seems better than everyone else's. So I think next time I see her out in public I will just slap her so that I feel better about the whole situation.

My evil plan may have failed!

Well those of you who were mad at me yesterday can take a deep breath and stop picturing me hanging by my toenails for being such a bad parent. LAX Diva is staying with RY RY at least for the time being and I have decided to keep my meddling self out of it. I told her last night I don't care who she dates as long as they make her happy and they don’t treat her bad. Both guys are really nice guys.

LAX Diva has of course shut down on me and won't speak with me about it which tells me she thinks she may be making the wrong decision. But being the wonderful mother I am I pestered her relentlessly until she broke slightly and told me what was going on. So for now I am backing out of it and letting her make the decisions so that she won't feel pushed too much!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I threw in the towel!

After a long but wonderful weekend on the lake we are finally home and hopefully going to have an uneventful week. Last week was just chock full of fun and therefore I felt like I was in a constant state of motion. This week I am on a 7 day work schedule so I will most likely be tired and therefore less inclined to attend activities. Actually I believe I just said "screw it" and told Daddy D he had to take the reins this week but hey I don't have to quote myself accurately all the time.

Daddy D is not happy about the whole situation but I decided it was time to put my foot down and say I am handling as much as I possibly can. I mean seriously let me recap my week and you guys can tell me if I am being crazy about this or not.

Monday-Worked and then met with another Cheer Booster to put all the Youth Cheerleaders onto the teams they requested. This would have been easier if it weren't for me having a massive migraine and the lady I was working with being exceptionally loud. Needless to say I left tired and irritable.

Tuesday- Built 10 Excel spreadsheets and typed up instructions for all the Varsity Cheerleaders so they could call the Youth cheerleaders and let them know about practices. Documented all of the missing data that need to be updated on the sign up slips and then built a 3 ring binder with all the information. Last but not least I attended Cheer practice to hand all this out to the Varsity girls.

Wednesday- Worked and then went to get a mani/pedi because it was the only night of the week I would be home and able.

Thursday-Worked and then picked up Bug for Youth Cheer practice. Handed out forms to all of the parents and sized all of the girls for shirts. Held a mini conference to let everyone know what the schedule was and how it was all going down. Ordered Cheer bows then collected money and slips for them.

Friday-Worked, picked up dry cleaning, went to the grocery, and then came home and cleaned house. Packed for our trip to the lake, took the recycling to the dump, installed the new electronic cat litter box, set up the kitchen for the dogs to stay in during our trip, and then took everyone to dinner. Attended the high school football game LAX Diva was cheering in and got to bed around 12pm. Oh yeah ran back home twice to get things LAX Diva forgot.

Saturday- I was up at 715 and getting everyone ready to travel.

Seriously it just goes on and on and on!

My daughter is a two timer!

LAX Diva is officially a two timer at this point and I am supporting it whole heartedly. Now before you go all crazy on me and tell me what a bad example we are setting by supporting her let me explain. When we moved here we had friends who had a son, we'll call him Bean, the same age as LAX Diva and we planned for them to fall head over heels in love. We figured this was best because Bean was a military brat and so is she plus we knew the family and knew they had raised their son with respect and manners. Of course this plan was bound to fail due to LAX Diva generally ignoring any parental ideas. Her current boyfriend, who we'll call RY RY is a nice guy and all that and we have had him over to the house a few times but they became boyfriend and girlfriend before they even met face to face. Everybody says his family is a great family and he is a very sweet guy but……..he is a jealous boyfriend. I hate jealous guys.

Anyway long story short we have been finding ways to have Bean and his family over. This evil little plan has worked and now they are "best friends." We took Bean to the lake with us this weekend and I think the plot is now in full swing. RY RY got jealous and went all stupid with some girls and Bean was a total gentleman about the situation. He supported LAX Diva and never recommended she dump RY RY even though I am sure it would have been easy to use the current situation to break them up. I am so proud of Bean! LOL Anyway I expect to come home tonight and find out I am the proud new Girlfriend in-law to Bean.


Ok people I was getting really behind on my blogging because for some reason I couldn't pull up Google Blogs from work. Sad but true. I honestly have no time at home to blog but at work I seem to have down time which allows me to get my blog on! YAHOO!

Anyway this means you will be hearing more from me in the near future. God help us all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I hate allergies, they are ruining my plans

Snot and congestion + sore throats and sinus pressure = equals a very unhappy me. I cant concentrate because of the sinus headaches and I cant not go to work because it is nothing more than the equivalent of a cold. Now the girls allergies are acting up and they feel like crap. I keep explaining to them that all they can do is take their medicine and it will go away but they keep trying to wiggle their way out of school. LAX Diva got out of school about 2 weeks ago for massive congestion coupled with a massive headache and today Bug is out of school for a slight fever and massive congestion and coughing.

Today I was supposed to go for a meeting in the big city and get the process started for my gastric bypass surgery. I had to pull a ton of strings and work on Sunday so I could get the day off but now what will I be doing? Sitting at home babysitting Bug and trying to figure out how to reschedule it all. FUN FUN FUN! Today was also going to be my first day alone with no kids or husband in months and I was going to get some stuff accomplished. YEAH RIGHT! )P

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Update on LAX Diva, Bug, and Daddy D

So far so good! I can't believe I am saying this but both girls seem to be enjoying their new schools and doing well. OK I know I should say a prayer and cross my fingers or something because what I just said has to be a fluke. LOL Honestly though it is such a small town and the schools are so much more in control of the students that I finally feel like I can breath a bit and not worry so much.

LAX Diva is still cheering and really seems to be enjoying it. She has made a ton of friends and has even managed to land herself a man already. He's not as cute as the boys I picked out but hey I can only do so much right? HEHEHE He is a really nice guy though and he even sent her flowers right after they started dating. Daddy D wasn't impressed, he says he is going to have to teach that boy not to raise the women folks expectations too high. I personally think Daddy D is just jealous :P

Bug is moving slower than LAX Diva in the friend area but she is making progress. She had her first sleep over last weekend and even though she decided that the girl was not going to be a long term friend she had some fun and broke the ice. Today she told me that she has three boyfriends and one boy who wants to ask her out but is too shy. LOL The girl has no shame I tell you.

Daddy D has finally started back to work after 45 days off. I think he is adjusting to the change from a office job in a high rise building to a real army job in a normal army unit. He says his favorite part is getting to eat at the dining facility for breakfast and only having to pay $2.30. Fortunately for him we still have several projects for him to take care of around the new house so he wont be getting bored anytime soon. OK so maybe I enjoyed having him at my beck and call for a while. HEHEHE I hope he doesn't break out of his good husband shell anytime soon and I can get the yard done :)

Life is finally settling down a bit. YEAH RIGHT!

Well I haven't been around here for a bit due to all the fun stuff going on around here. Little things like moving walls and starting a new job seem to throw me out of my comfort zone. LOL My brain has become mush trying to learn all this stuff at work and I spend all day staring at a computer so I don't really feel the need to come home and stare at one for another hour or two. Daddy D says I have to look at it a tleast twice a month and pay our bills online but so far they haven't evicted us so I think he is just joking. RIGHT?

Anyway work is going well so far, training ends tomorrow and Sunday I may get my first case to work on. I am certainly not hoping for one considering I have a few things I want to practice before I get thrown into the lions den. Plus when you work in casualty assistance you never want to hope for a new case. So far I am really liking the people I work with and I am learning to adjust to their quirky sense of humor. Honestly this is the first time in over a year I have felt engaged at work.

So of course this normalcy can not last and things must change. LOL I have been trying for several years to get a civil service position with the military and have had absolutely no luck. Well today, the day before I finally finish training at my new job, I get a call asking me if I want a position I applied for months ago. Someone up there really has a sense of humor right! It is a slight pay cut but it would get me into the civil service and I could stop having to start over with a new company every time we move. Occasionally civil service employees move and there is no position available right then but once one opens up they are given priority to get it. Right now I have to change companies every time I move and start over with leave, benefits, and seniority which is a real pain in the ass.

Now I don't know what to do. I really want a civil service job, they have better benefits, more opportunity for promotion, and permanent positions. My current contract position expires in June 2011 and I have no guarantee that it will be renewed, sometimes the contract gets renewed with a different company and I have to either change companies or pray my current company can move me elsewhere. Due to the recent issues I had with my last company not having a job for me I am sort of scared that something similar could happen in a year. I am also scared I will move to the new job and work with a bunch of assholes or hate it. Last but not least I feel like a real bitch for wasting my current companies time and energy getting me trained only to wind up quitting after a month.

Anyway I have until the 23rd to make a decision so wish me luck:)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

They say it's your Birthday!

It's my birthday too! Yep that right I am turning 35 today. So how did I celebrate this monumental occasion you ask? I went to work. LOL

I wanted to get out of it and truly I tried but Daddy D said if I didn't get a job I couldn't do what I wanted to do in the house or the yard. I caved! What can I say I really want a wall moved and some shrubs put in :P Work isn't as bad as I thought it would be but I am reserving judgement until I get a chance to know some more people. I mean seriously people can turn on you in a second and then the next thing you know your ass is hanging out for the whole world to see. My plan is to lay low and dodge bullets for 8 hours a day. I figure I can do that for a few months at least right? Yeah right! I always seem to start out with the best of intentions and then it hits the fan.

My new goal for this job is to do the best I can and not become management NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! They will not drag me into the management whole again unless they offer me major money and a huge sign on bonus to top that off. I have no intentions of becoming a human punching bag any time soon and verbal abuse is just flat not going to happen. I did that for three years and I am ready for something better. These people better get nice and bubbly or I am going to kick them in the ass until they fake it. DAMN IT!!!!


Monday, July 26, 2010


My life is coming to an end. I swear someone tore my heart out and threw it on a curb in Seaside FL. Now the 80 year old ladies in pink rental golf carts are running it over for fun. KA CHUNK KA CHUNK KA CHUNK!!! It pains me just thinking about it but for some twisted reason I giggle when I picture it. I picture it every time I think about my new job. I know great way to start off right? Imagining my new job tearing out my heart and throwing it under the bus. Well I know that is slightly dramatic but I actually enjoy being a stay at home mom and very amateur blogger.

Anyway I stupidly accepted a position while I was on vacation with a company dealing in casualty support services for the Army. Decent pay, acceptable hours, crappy work schedule. I don't want it but I don't want to pass up the opportunity and then find out I can't get anything else. So I am going out tomorow to put in applications all over the place. I really would prefer to work closer to home and in a position that doesn't require me to work nights or weekends. But I guess beggars can't be so picky so I will take it for now until I can figure a way to cut back and work part time.

Do you hear it now? KA CHUNK KA CHUNK KA CHUNK!!! Daddy D says I am being dramatic but I think he is just being under dramatic. LOL

I feel like a family on a vacation promo flyer!

Alright it is official. As much as I hate to admit it I am 100% back from my vacation in Seaside FL. This sucks particularly because I was allowed a temporary reprieve from painting and unpacking. It really sucks because this was the most relaxing vacation I have been on in years. Even with my Mother being there. LMAO

Seaside is actually a really beautiful and quaint area, literally picture perfect in every way. Not only is it gorgeous but it is a very safe community and most people allow their children free reign on rental bicycles. We unfortunately rented in a area slightly farther away from the hub of Seaside so we didn't get to partake in it as much as we would have liked to. Actually though the price tag is Seaside is exorbitant so we couldn't afford anything there other than the occasional ice cream cone. Seriously it was like 300 bucks for a sundress. IMHO opinion it would be the perfect place for the really rich or the older set who just want a beach without the constant procession of Alvin's Island stores.

Anyway we found some amazing places to eat and drove through some of the most beautiful beach areas I have ever seen. Alys Beach was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The Summer Kitchen and Cafe made a Kobe Beef Burger that was to die for and they were down in Rosemary Beach which is also gorgeous. I swear I felt like one of those families that was temporarily transported to a magical location where all things were clean and crisp and white.

Before you ask nope I am not getting paid for this post I just thought it was such a beautiful place everyone should be able to see it even if I can never afford it again. LOL

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My car is cursed!

OK so apparently it is a bad thing to have a really nice car that you love as much or more than some of the members of your family. I named her Cheyenne and she is a humongous oversized SUV with all the bells and whistles. I traded in the puny little minivan that never even deserved a name without a second look and fell head over heals with Cheyenne's might powers. Why you ask is it a bad thing that I am in love with my new car? Because mayhem rains down upon it and turns the mighty Cheyenne into the most horrific headache you have ever experienced. Not only does mayhem affect my car but apparently it has it out for other cars around us as well. Point in case.

When my car was just a baby car (to me anyway) a snow storm came and sent a tiny little Toyota careening into the drivers side door. Poor Toyota! It should have known it was up against the mighty Cheyenne and just admitted defeat before becoming a big mass of twisted metal. I sort of felt sorry for it but honestly it was just a little bug in my fender. LOL

Anyway I got Cheyenne fixed and then she started having all kinds of computer problems. Like telling me the tires were low, the sunroof not working, and the cruise control being finicky. OK no problem I just took her to the dealership paid a whopping sum and got her back all shiny and new. I like her best shiny and new anyway so this was a double bonus right? Right?

So fast forward to this weekend, the kid staying in the rental home next door to us threw a rock and busted out our back rear window. Of course he was cute and I immediately let him off the hook because at least he came and told me instead of letting  me find out during a rain storm or something. Then we cleaned up the glass and proceeded to buy duct tape to fix her up until the new glass can come in. DID I MENTION WE WERE DRIVING 12 HOURS HOME FROM FLORIDA?? Yeah well just so you know duct tape doesn't work when it is over 100 degrees outside. So after 200 miles we had re taped the window 5 times and I was losing patience. (OK so I had already lost my patience but I was trying to seem nicer than I really am.) Then we rigged her up good and made it home.

Wait you guys thought that was the end right? LMAO NOPE!!! Cheyenne died in the driveway at my parents and wouldn't start. Dad tried to move his car and jump start Cheyenne but mayhem went all insane on us again and Dad blew a tire in his own garage! Seriously a block had been sitting there for years and never been hit until it was time to jump start Cheyenne and then WHAM it takes out a tire.

All in all Cheyenne had to have a new battery it took 4 hours to figure out how to change Dad's tire to one that is most likely dry rotted from lack of use and I finally made it home today. WHEW!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

If everything is so perfect around here why am I so pissed!

OK people here is the deal. I just moved into a beautiful brand spanking new house. I have the kiddo's rooms decorated and only a few touch ups left in there. I have one bathroom done and the other one only needs paint. The dining room is painted I just have to find a rug and some valances. The living room is painted. The kitchen, my bedroom, and the Man Room have yet to be touched due to fatigue. I refuse to hang any pictures around the house until everything is painted and all the pictures are out because....well I am lazy and I don't want to take them down again to paint. Basically though everything is fine.

So why am I sitting here typing away like a maniac pissed off at everyone in the house. 1)Satellite TV 2) lack of help around the house.

1)Ever since we the satellite installed everyone has been in their rooms ignoring what needs to be done. Every time I need something I have to scream or stomp on the floor to get someones attention. I am so sick of it! I swear I told them I was going to have the damn TVs cut off if they didn't stop it. I really am an addict too but honestly the change in the family in a matter of two days is ridiculous. We used to speak now we just grunt and bitch and moan about everything that takes us off our asses and out into reality.

2)I have been cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, unpacking, packing and in general just keeping everything done. All I ask is that if I say "today I need your help no napping and disappearing," you don't take a nap and your don't disappear. I mean duh how easy could that be? Apparently it is extremely difficult. LAX Diva managed to get clothes out of the laundry and fall asleep before she could hang them. Daddy D disappears every ten minutes to go watch TV and Bug just wants me to play with her and let her cook anything she sees on the damn cooking show.

Tonight after I cooked dinner I made it clear I wanted them to pick up the dishes and clean up the kitchen since I had done all the cooking this week. Hell I probably saved us hundreds just by cooking the least they could do is the dishes right? Nope I had to yell to remind them then I came in and found shit not done. They didn't even wipe off the kitchen table.

So now I am telling them the maid has left for the week and unless it is mine I am not doing shit. They are big enough to wipe their own butts and do their own laundry so I will no longer be doing it. This is ridiculous! I have a brand new house and all I have to do is bust my ass to keep it looking nice. It is time that someone else started putting in a little effort around here. DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Broke Diva!

Did you know that brand new houses come with nothing in them? I mean seriously no toilet paper holders, no towel rods, no trash cans. NOTHING!! I may have gotten slightly spoiled by living in military housing and rental properties because I had no clue about this and now I am having to buy them all. ARGH!!!

Now on to the real tragedy I am broke! I mean duh I love shopping for things for the house even if it is aggravatingly simple! Right! Who doesn't? But I am getting ready to go on this damn family vacation to Florida. I thought I had gotten out of it by transferring jobs but since the douche bags decided not to give me a job at the last minute now I am stuck going to the beach with my mother and father. The problem is I have nothing to wear. HONESTLY! I only have a few outfits of work clothing and a few outfits of workout clothing and TWO outfits for everyday. Why you ask does a self respecting woman not have enough clothing? Well mainly because I was hoping to have a gastric bypass done and lose some weight this summer so I didn't want to buy clothes to fit my current size. Now I am faced with having to buy them so I don't look like a complete idiot.

Now If only my mother were Paula. LOL Then this vaca might be fun. I mean seriously Paula just spent three months drinking it up at luau's in Hawaii and having going away parties every weekend. (You thought I didn't notice right Paula) LOL. Just kidding. But honestly my mother is a bore. She doesn't do anything but sleep and bitch and then eat and get sick to her stomach. Why because she eats poorly and doesn't take her medication right and is basically miserable. My kids don't like to be around her because she is constantly wanting them to get up at 5AM and go eat breakfast or go to tea parties or go shopping for the 900th time this week. My only saving grace is that she won't be able to stay on the beach with us due to her medications and therefore we will have some seperation during the day. Thank God my father is coming so he can keep her entertained some of the time too.

Just say a prayer for me ok! LOL

Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates and orgasms

Well I am officially back in business. Some nice Southern boys came and gave me the best day of my life two days ago and now I keep asking Daddy D if they can come back and play again. Daddy D says no! I don't understand why I mean honestly other than the service charge whats the big deal? Apparently Daddy D has a problem with me going all orgasmic over the satellite Internet installers. Little does he know I can find their number online anytime:)

LAX Diva started her first day of cheer leading and I have an odd feeling she will be coming home screaming for Tylenol. Did I mention that this week the cheer leaders are hosting a kiddie cheer camp from 8AM to 12PM? She gets to go supervise little hillbilly children who wanna be UK Wildcat cheerleaders when they grow up. I can't wait until the bitchiest one in the group gets linked up with my daughter. I am sure since she is new to the school, wasn't at tryouts, and just showed up today on the cheer leader radar the other girls are gonna throw her to the wolves. Should be fun to watch right?

I had a job interview via phone and it sounds promising if not perfect. It will get me through and help me to pay for all the stuff I want at the house. As mentioned before I can handle anything for a while so why not do it until the job I really wants rolls around. OK enough of that self serving shit. I don't want the job and don't like the schedule and really do not want to do it until something better drops in my lap! I really just want to go back to school and maybe work part time somewhere instead. Only problem there is the cash!

Bug is not thrilled with the new school dress code and I honestly can't say as I blame her it is really lame. I can't even find cute things for her to wear!

Daddy D is still on leave and currently I have not tried to kill him! SEE I really do love the man!

Anyway enough of that. I am back and I have caught up on all my other computer work, read all my blogs, and am ready to take on the world one day at a time. See y'all around!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I now live in BFE!

Well apparently I moved to the one area where no one provides internet access. It is bad enough our cells keep cutting out on us if we don't stand still when using them. Currently I am sitting in a Panera 30 miles from my house trying to balance the checkbook and post the occasional update so people don't think I have died. LOL

I promise to be back soon and post pics of the new house.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Giddy on up! Giddy on out!

Well tomorow morning the packers come! I will be in KY by Thursday morning. YEEHAAAW! Anyway sorry to be so absent this week I have just been super busy with packing and getting things done. I will try and update as often as I can but I will lose internet in the afternoon sometime.

Ya'll come back now ya hear!

Friday, June 25, 2010

My last day of work!

OK so I am excited and scared but mostly excited. I finally got pictures of my new house and as soon as I get home I will upload them for you guys to look at. I can't wait to get down there and start throwing some paint around. LOL DH is groaning in the background already. But hey it's his fault I am moving so he can suck it! LMAO

Actually I am just ready to be done with this job and at least move forward. I don't know if I will be moving forward in life, work, or school but one way or another I am going to beat this thing.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Belly Dancing Tramp

LAX Diva requested three things for her birthday. 1) a wake board 2) getting her ear cartlidge pierced and a second set of lobe piercings 3) a belly button piercing. Do you notice a theme here! LOL We got the wake board for her because she has been waiting patiently for it for two years and she is old enough and strong enough now to use it. I got her ear cartlidge pierced for her after she promised not to do a gauge (gage ?) but I talked her out of the second set of holes. I told her no one really does that anymore and most people wind up letting them grow up. (Don't laugh she bought it)

So here is my dilema. Daddy D and I disagree on the belly button piercing. He thinks she is too young and I don't! My issue with it is that she just joined a cheer squad and probably wont be able to wear it while cheering. That wouldn't be a huge issue if the team didn't wear midriff tops but they do. Having never done the belly button piercing thing myself I don't know much about them but I do know they take a while to heal especially if they are messed with a lot. I know they make clear ones but I am not sure if you can use them while the piercing is healing or if you have to wait until later. I also think they grow up if you take them out and leave them out for a while?

So what do you guys think? Is she too young at 15? Can she use a clear one while it is healing? Are they slutty or do the represent something I am not smart enough to know about? Seriously, I have a tramp stamp that I never knew was a tramp stamp until years after I got it. I don't want LAX Diva labeled as a belly dancing tramp 10 years from now just because I let her get a piercing without knowing that belly dancing tramps existed. This could get ugly people! LOL

I know if I were 15 and had a body like hers I would want one badly. Unfortunately my body has never looked like hers!