Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to Work

Well other than college assignments I had a really productive weekend. Friday it rained so I stayed home but Saturday I started the major overhaul of the house and got the main level clean. LOL It was beginning to look as if my husband was a single man. To top Saturday off I went to Target ALONE and spent two hours getting all the stuff I had been putting off forever. Man I miss being able to actually go shopping and accomplish all my goals. Sunday I pulled the mommy card and demanded all hands on deck (except daddy..... to be continued.) We got the rest of the upstairs done except the bathroom floor and I got all 14 loads of laundry done. I even paid the bills and balanced the check book. Now all that is left is redoing my husbands attempts (AHEM AHEM) at cleaning in the downstairs and I will have a clean house again.

Oh yeah now I will tell you what the hubby was doing. He had a honey do list. Mow the yard, re caulk the tub, oil change, drop off books to the library, and drop off my Goodwill stuff. He got three out of the 5 done so I will hold off on the divorce for another week. LOL

But to sum it up here I am back at work and blogging for my sanity's sake.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sent the kiddos off to school!

Well other than a few minor glitches this was a smooth morning. We all made it to school/work safe and sound. LOL Now I just have to hope things go the same for after school. It is really freaking me out to have a teenage daughter right now, expecially in this area but I am doing my best to keep an open mind. I cant wait until we move.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Finishing up Homework

Well for those of you who know me this will be boring but hey you can catch up with me while I am learning how to blog. My kiddo's are starting back to school in the morning and I am enrolled in two classes this semester, which is to say the least causing me to pull my hair out. I dont mind the kids heading back but these college classes are killing me slowly. LOL Anyway right now I am finishing up some homework for a computer class and it is driving me a little mad just because I didnt take the time to prepare the way I should have over the weekend. Now I have limited time and no limit to the homework. Oh well guess that is what I get for spending the whole weekend playing at the lake. Gotta run! Be back soon.