Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Then I checked Facebook and she had posted this!

Cheer Diva has decided to get grumpy with me here lately and I am tired of it!

This month is the month from hell for all cheer parents and booster clubs! School is about to start back, practices have begun, and fundraisers are either in full force or being planned in full force. For some reason the month of July is always horrid for us. First we had a 3 day concession stand with car wash. Second we had a week long Youth Kiddie Camp. Third we had another carwash. Fourth we had to build a float for the fair parade. 5th we have fair cleanup 5 days this week. 6th we have choreography two days this week!

We have all been busting butt! Alot of the girls are spoiled and can't do anything outside that requires them being in the heat. So I am running a carwash and scrubbing tires while 3 teenage girls sit and watch. I keep them moving but try to give them some breaks here and there. We don't have a large team though and we have very little parent participation so it is difficult at times.

So needless to say I know we are all a little grumpy with one another and that we are all tired.

Yesterday I called Cheer Diva and told her to get dressed in something decent that we had some errands to run. First she complained because she didn't want to go. I nicely explained I was raising money for her cheer team so she could at least come help. So she got irritated and did the whole "whatever" thing and hung up on me. This of course pissed me off.

She called back 5 minutes later and told me she had no pants to wear that nothing fits at all. Yeah right! Anyway about half way through her tirade I got tired of listening and hung up. When I got home I walked in got what I needed and left. Of course she calls me on my way out of the driveway and starts with the mouth. I cut her off told her what needed to be said and hung up. I delivered 9 ads in less than an hour and then headed to the grocery to get dinner. When I got home I pulled in the drive and left everything where it was. I made her cook dinner and get it all unloaded out of the car.

Then I checked Facebook and she had posted this:
I'm so tired of doing all of this stuff for cheer! And when I'm tired I get screamed at for not doing one thing.. I'm tired of it! And done pleasing other people.

That is when I decided it was time to fight fire with fire! If you want to go on a public website where everyone I know can see your post and make me look like a fool see how you feel when I return the favor.

So I posted this:
So sick and tired of busting my butt when my daughter cant be bothered to roll out of the couch and help me. Wish my day consisted of an hours worth of work and nothing else. Must be nice!

I feel like it is petty and dumb but apparently telling her I don't like her posting nasty comments about us on Facebook doesn't work, so I have decided to fight fire with fire.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God I hope she takes their advice!

The drama continues!

Who would have ever thought that grown adults would act like such children. Crazy Lady is back at it again! I just don't understand the need of full grown adults to post nasty comments at other peoples kids. Why in God's name would a 36 yr old woman want to be in the middle of petty 16 yr old bickering. Isn't it more your job to teach your child how to deal with it?

When my kid does something stupid on Facebook I make her apologize and delete the entire thing. I explain to her why it is wrong and how it can hurt the people affected. I don't go on Facebook and yell at her about it nor do I go on Facebook and defend her. I sure as hell do not go on Facebook and tell the other kids commenting to butt out.

Top the Facebook drama off with the fact that she rolled up in Youth Cheer Camp yesterday and called half the team worthless sluts in front of the kids and the cheerleaders who were in the room. The coaches finally told her if she didn't like the kids on the team then maybe she should just turn in her daughters uniform and be done.

God I hope she takes their advice!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am totally to young for this shit!

I am so ready for a break but one is not due for quite a while now. I guess I will just have to keep on trucking and make things happen so that I can eventually have one.

On another note Cheer Diva's brand new hamster just had 6 babies. WTH! I only bought one but apparently some horny little hamster got ahold of her before we bought her and now I am a grandparent.

I am totally to young for this shit!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Yesterday and Today have sucked!

Yesterday I left work to go work at a fundraiser for Cheer Diva's cheer team. When I arrived I was greeted by pissed off parents who had been greatly abused by the business that was hosting the fundraiser. The business owner who also happens to be a Cheer mom had cut the prices on what we were selling so drastically that there is no point in us being there. Then she proceeded to complain about the t-shirts and ask how big her sponsorship ad was going to be on the back of it.

Seriously lady! You have sponsored the shirt for years now and it has always been the same size so why would that have changed. Also just because you decided to show up and do something this year does not give you the right to dictate the shirt colors, design, or where they are printed. (yes those were her three complaints).

So anyway it is official we will not be working this particular fundraiser again next year no matter who she is. I got suckered this time but I won't be again.

Today since life was just having fun kicking me around I set my alarm clock but forgot to turn it on. Needless to say this meant I woke up at 1053 and had not called in to work. My boss was not happy and therefore I got a counseling statement. I have been a manager before so I totally understand but at the same time I am so mad because he has not counseled the other employees that miss as much or more work than I do. Of course they have since moved on to new positions but damn! Why do I have to be his guinea pig for his new grow some balls program.

Anyway I am here and I will make it but I am totally sucking and wishing I could just go outside and cry right now. To make matters worse I have to go work that damn concession stand again this afternoon and Saturday.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am officially an aunt!!!!!

I am so excited! Peppermint Patti and her hubby just got the final verdict in their adoption case. They are now the proud parents of Ethan Breckenridge. All parental rights were terminated for the mother and father and they are not to have contact with the family.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My mother and her mental issues are driving me insane!

Seriously enough is enough! I am a 35 year old woman who is successfully raising children, holding down a job, going to college, and maintaining a marriage to a wonderful man.  I do not have time to go to therapy with my mother.

I don't know what has gotten into her, over the last few weeks she has been calling me and telling me she is worried about me. I ask why and she says you have just been so disconnected from us lately I feel like something is wrong. OK what do you say to that? My mother is a bipolar schizphrenic who suffers from a mild hoarding compulsion so I try to keep a little distance for my own sanity. I love her I really do but after all the therapy, medicines, and treatments she doesn't remember much of my childhood and her current life revolves around a couch. What am I supposed to discuss? The current state of the union?

So now she calls and says she thinks we need to go to Mother/Daughter therapy so we can bond. WTH people!!!! I just dont have the energy to rearrange my life for her again. Honestly I have moved her into my house when needed, lived with her when needed, managed her health care, managed her money, wiped her ass, and brushed her teeth all with no more than a headache as thanks. It's not that she isn't greatful and hasn't said so it is that she feels it isn't enough.

I don't have anything left to give! I don't want to spend months walking on egg shells around her while we go through therapy! I don't want to invite her into my life full force again only to lose her when her mind shuts down! I just don't have the energy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's up with that crap!

Tonight I sit here watching Harry Potter and avoiding going to sleep. This may have something to do with the fact that I have to wait 5 days to get my sleeping medication refilled. Gotta love the bureaucracy of the military pharmacy. LOL Or it could have to do with the captivating abilities of the franchise known as Potter. Both of which I seriously doubt.

Mainly it has to do with me having slept till almost noon and then attempting to take a nap around 4pm. I honestly was tired but it probably had more to do with me starting my monthly today. Honestly monthly is kind of a joke considering my body has decided to revolt against convention and only work when it decides to.Fortunately for me I still get all the monthly excitement of cramps and bloating but none of the end game. The mood swings are also an upside for everyone around me. Of course when the end game hits it is a real booger and I want nothing more than to lay in bed and die. Since I spent the last week in bed with a migraine and no will to live I would think that should have been my first sign that good things were to come.

You might ask why I don't get this all taken care of and I would tell you that I have tried several times with no success. I tried to get them to take my uterus when I had Bug. I mean honestly I wasn't going to need it again. Then about 7 years ago I got diagnosed with poly cystic ovaries over the phone. When I showed up for the appointment to get help with that the Dr had amnesia and completely forgot all the options we had discussed. What's up with that crap.

Anyway I plan to head bed and will work hard to feel human tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Traditional after the 4th migraine!

I had a great weekend and did some new things I had never done before. We made it out to the local race track and I got to place my first bet. I lost the first race but I won in the second one. All in all I wound up losing 4.50 total which is fine I didn't expect to win anything so whatever!

After that we went to the local minor league baseball game and had some fun there. I was very tired by the end so we cut out a tiny bit early but we caught the fireworks while we were walking to the car.

Of course now I have my traditional after the 4th migraine! I hate that but every year it is the same thing. I guess it is the way I hold my head or the bright lights or maybe even the big booms but it gets me almost every time. In true after the 4th fashion I woke up with the migraine so now I can't get rid of it. That would be less distressing if I wasn't supposed to be at work today and if I didn't have a class to start at school.

Anyway gotta run for now and get the assignments done so that I can go back to bed and close my eyes.

Friday, July 1, 2011

This might sound odd but.....

It has been a long week!

I am so ready for a weekend off but I have a feeling it is going to be more like a weekend of shuttling between different parties. LOL Guess a girl and her beer can't be too choosy about where they land.

I was really hoping to get the boat out but with all the stuff going on that could have to be shuffled till next weekend. Daddy D had to cancel his annual haul to his hometown for the 4th again this year due to all the scheduling conflicts. Hopefully the Mother In Law will be nice and forgive me sometime soon.

Cheer Diva and Bug are heading to Las Vegas with my aunt so I am JEALOUS!!! Seriously she never took me anywhere that cool :(

Anyways y'all have a good 4th and come visit me when ya have some time!