Monday, January 31, 2011

The real world of Cheer Leading!

Well this weekend I got my first view of the real world of CHEER LEADING!!!! Let me tell you it aint always pretty. LOL

I saw some stuff that made me cringe. I can't believe some of these Gym teams that come and have tiny little girls being thrown around by teenage boys. Seriously there is something wrong with having a 9 year old kid 7 foot up in the air while twisting herself into pretzel shapes. It is just wrong people. The highschools were atleast a little better considering all participants have to be 8th grade or above.

It was finally confirmed that our team is officially not up to par with the other teams in the area. I had a sneaking suspicion that we didn't have all the skills they had and we would look like the backwoods hillbilly neighbors they all pretend dont exist. Lets just say that the middle school teams that did exhibition routines that were better than ours.

So now I have a dilema I really feel strongly that we should spend our time and money on helping our girls step up their level of competition. Maybe up the number of practices and have some more proffessionals to come in and help them learn some more skills. If we don't do that then we can expect nothing but more of what happened this weekend. My problem is that if I fight for this there are alot of people who don't want to worry about it or deal with it at all. They are fine with where we are and how we are doing. The problem is you have a bunch of parents making the decisions based off of them not wanting to put in any more effort. The kids are paying the price for their laziness. What I want to know is what do these kids want? Is it more important to them that we get a fun trip every year or that they are able to compete in competitions and for scholarships to college.

I vote for spending next years 15,000 dollars on improving the kids not the profits of the people holding the competition.

PS the girls did their routine very well and I am so proud of my daughter!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A thrill a minute!

I am back at work and I swear this place is driving me nuts. We still have little to no work to do and half of the time our systems are down so we can't do that. I am sure if they look at our internet history they would have a cow!

LAX Diva is officially Cheer Diva as of today. LOL It just seems wrong to call her LAX Diva now that she doesn't play LAX. In other news the religious boyfriend broke up with her because she couldn't devote her life fully to Christ the way he expected her to. Insert sarcastic eye roll here! Seriously the girl is 15 years old I think it is a little early in life to be expecting her to make lifelong commitments to another church simply because her boyfriend wants her too. Unfortunately this has meant many rounds of crying and yelling and phone conversations in the middle of the night.

Between work and Cheer Diva my life is a thrill a minutE! LMAO

Friday, January 14, 2011

My finances are being spoiled!

I have decided for the family :) that this is the year we will get out of debt. OK well we will get out of some of our debt. Being military I am not naive enough to believe I will ever pay my house off before I move in 2.5 years! LOL I would have to buy a 30,000 house to make that happen every 3 years.

A friend of mine, who we shall call Red, has been talking about Dave Ramsey for years and I finally decided what the heck I should buy a book or something. Anyway I started reading Financial Peace Revisited last night and am almost half way done with it already. A lot of what I have read so far in this particular book doesn't apply to me because it describes in detail the humiliation of having creditors hounding you, impending foreclosures, and massive credit card debt. Thank goodness Daddy D and I have taken care of our finances well enough to not be in that situation. The Army also helped us with that about 3 years ago when we were lucky enough to get our first ever military bonus. What we have left is paltry to what many people have but I am spoiled so I decided my finances should be spoiled as well. I want my finances and I to be all "ooshy gooshy" when we see each other!!

Seriously I want no debt other than cars, homes, and monthly utilities. While I hope some day to be able to get it down to only monthly utilities I am realistic enough to know that wont be happening anytime soon. The military makes that pretty difficult. My other goal is to establish and maintain a savings account. This is something we have never successfully done. It always seems like someone out there, like Peppermint Patty, my MIL, or my children always have some major expense or drama that requires the use of my our precious savings account. Well this time the answer is no!!!! If I don't have it in my regular account to spare it wont be getting paid. OK maybe if it is for my kids I will bend a bit. LOL

So starting tonight Daddy D and I sit down to start rolling our new debt snowball around. This shouldn't be super difficult because most of our bills are all in one location. Thank goodness we only have one bank and two active credit cards that are through that bank. Unfortunately my car and our mortgage are through another entity so I will have to go to THREE whole websites to get answers. Man I feel good about that! I have worked so hard to keep myself from spending money on things I want when in reality I don't need them and it is finally paying off.

All I have to do now is take that final step and cut the credit card umbilical cord! Thank goodness I have less than $5000 in credit card debt so this shouldn't take exceptionally long.

Cross your fingers people I am moving into uncharted territory.

Time for the updates

Well nothing amazing has really been going on but hey, whats new right?

LAX Diva is still with her boyfriend even though I keep trying to make that impossible. Sneaky little brat is always finding ways to reel him back in.

Bug is still eating like a crazy person and bouncing off the walls on a regular basis. I swear the child is going to be 300 lbs when she grows up if she doesnt stop. I litterally have had to take everything out of the house that is bad for you. She still finds things to eat though!

Daddy D is still Daddy D. Gosh I love that man.

Me personally I am just trying to keep it up!!! I continue to work towards my goal of getting bariatric surgery and just started with my required 3 months worth of visits to the dietician. That means some time in March or April I will finally get this surgery done. WOW it only took me a year to get everything to work. LOL Actually I am excited and inpatient about the whole thing. I really want to get this weight off soon so I can stop feeling like a miserable blob. Honestly, it is no fun to dress because everything is uncomfortable, no fun to go out on the boat because I look awful, no fun to work because I sit all day and my back kills me, just plain NO FUN!

Enough of that.

I am also going through a phase of needing new clothes and shoes but not wanting to get them just yet. Right now everything in my closet is cheap and it is really starting to show. Plus since everything I buy is crap it falls apart quickly so my wardrobe is dwindling fast. I think 4 pairs of pants should last me for the winter don't you? LOL The good thing is I am spending more on getting the house complete and less on buying shoes and stuff.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Watching Daddy D sleep....

and wondering how it is he can fall asleep when the dog is sitting on him, LAX Diva and her boyfriend are downstairs rough housing, Bug is in the kitchen coughing up a lung, and I am sitting here typing away. Apparently he is really good at this whole blocking out the world thing.

Some days I wish I knew how to do that!

Peace Out!

OK people so I have decided it is time to get back to work even if I have to do it at work!

My stupid computer is running so slow I can’t do anything without it locking up and kicking me out. I can't even run my virus scan it is so screwed! Anyway life is moving on and I promise to come back tomorrow and hook you up with all the fun updates I can think of!

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Short update!

I am having some major computer issues right now and basically it takes all night just to load my page then I have to figure out how to click on a link before the battery goes dead! LOL

I will try and post some at work but I will have to do it on the down low.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Computer issues I promise to be right back!

Computer problems sorry!