Thursday, January 10, 2013


Well Daddy D is finally coming home. He is coming home to a house that is only partly whole and a wife who has not only changed physically but mentally as well. Cheer Diva has officially refused to come home and we are working the legal angles to allow her to stay at her grandparents but they need Daddy D’s signature to finalize it all. Bug is doing well, actually she is probably doing better since her sister is not here to make her miserable.
I don’t really know how I am. Maybe when he gets back he can take a look at me objectively and tell me. Right now I am excited he is coming home, excited that I have officially lost 60lbs, numb from the pain of my daughter moving out, and a whole lot more that is hard to explain. I kind of want him to come home and take it all away but at the same time I would feel really guilty dumping it all on him after a deployment. Maybe I will just dump the cat litter duties and the trash duties on him for now J


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