Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sick and Tired

I am officially sick! All week long I have been fighting it and trying to ignore it but yesterday it caught me full force. I spent half the day in bed and still had no problems going back to bed last night. I am feeling a little better today but I run out of energy quick. Thank goodness I went to the Dr and got meds a few days ago just in case it got worse.

I am also sick and tired of the Cheer Momma drama I have going on. I had to fire Overzealous Cheer Mom because she was doing a really bad job as my house cleaner. I told her I was just trying to save some money and that she had done a wonderful job just so I could avoid the drama but apparently that didnt work well because Overzealous Cheer Mom has decided to quit being the cheer booster secretary. She says it is because it is just too much work. LOL All she does is take notes and present them at the next meeting but what ev! Makes my life simpler anyway. Of course it couldn't be that easy right.....Overzealous Cheer Mom decided I should be the one to take her place. Everyone was teasing me about it having to take the job until the cheer booster president took a stand and said NO she was going to avoid allowing Overzealous Cheer Mom to push us around. Thank God I was praying I would not get pushed into doing it.

Last but not least I am sick and tired of our new guy and girl at work. One of them is lazy and the other is a snitch. I swear I miss my old job so bad!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life as I know it.......

is booooooooring! I think my new job could be slept through and no one would no it. Sorry I haven't been around here much lately but after hours of staring at a computer and pretending to be awake I can't stand looking at the computer when I get home. So I am making a vow to get back in my groove and keep my two readers entertained. LOL

Anyway the Cheer drama continues and I continue to attempt to avoid getting dumped on. So far so good! Daddy D has been gone for a few weeks now and is set to come home this weekend. I am so excited. Daddy D's sister Peppermint Patti is in the process of adopting a baby in the most unconventional way ever, more on that later.  Lax Diva has met and fallen in love with Bible Toting Boy and I guess I should be happy but I personally feel things are moving way too quickly. They met a little over a week ago and are inseparable, it is actually irritating the hell out of me but I cant say too much or she might fall in love even more and where would that get me.

The Bug is in love with a guy too and they are too cute together. She texts him like a zillion times a day and drives me batty when he doesn't text her right back. She goes insane if he takes more than 5 minutes to return a text.

God save me from the drama!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

MEME from Married/Single Parent

Michelle over at Married/Single Parent has tagged me for a meme. Check out her site and all her wonderful menu's.

If you could invite anyone in the world, who would you want as your dinner guest? What would you serve them for dinner?

I would love to meet all my ladies from SW! I think that would be more fun than anything some strange famous person could bring to the table. I would probably serve them whatever Michelle was cooking LOL because I am not a huge cook. If Michelle couldn't make it I would probably just make anything I could find in the fridge :) I am sure that makes them all want to come.

What is your favorite "me time" activity?

Probably reading but I don't get much time to do that. I spend more time getting my nails done and I enjoy that so I guess you would say that is my "me time" activity that I do the most.

If you could rename yourself who would you become?

ME I don't think I would change my name at all.

How long have you been blogging & why did you start?

A little over a year. I started to help me have a place to go to deal with LAX Diva's drama.

You are granted one super power, what would it be and how would you use it?

The ability to read minds. I would use it to read my mother and my kids minds so that I would know what the hell they were thinking for a change.

What one electronic device could you not live without?

Probably my computer. Unlike most people I could stand to live without my cell phone.

If you had a time machine, what year would you travel to and why?

1993, I would have changed the way my one year of college went by standing up for myself.

What is one thing (material item) you don't share well with others?

Probably my computer.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Volunteer of the year?

So those of you who know me you know I have a genetic default that requires me to volunteer for things whether I really want to or not. I complain about it at times but in general I truly believe the world needs more volunteers. If there were more people willing to volunteer there would be less overwhelmed volunteers running around out there. Unfortunately right now so few people actually volunteer for things or show up for parent meetings that it is hard to get anything done without depending heavily on the few people who do.

I tend to be the lady at work who wont leave until everything is taken care of. I do what I have to do to take care of the customer and I almost never say "enough" and walk away. People tend to take advantage of that. Sometimes it is a coworker and sometimes it is the customer but in general I get a lot of extra work dumped on me simply because I am good and I make things happen. Not to toot my own horn but I have been the go to lady at almost every place I have ever worked. I love it and hate it.

This year my daughter joined cheerleading and I attend the monthly booster meetings so that I know what the heck is going on. I intentionally didn't volunteer to do much in the beginning because I didn't want to fall into the roll of "go to girl" like I always do. I gave feedback and recommended things to help make more money but I didn't volunteer to do any of them since I was new to the area and didn't really have a community knowledge base to work off of. I swear to you these people looked at me like I had some sort of halo around my head. They were amazed that some of this stuff could be looked at differently and maybe increase our fund raising abilities.

Slowly but surely I have become the "go to girl" for the booster president. I volunteered to help with the sign ups for Youth cheer leading and that turned into running the practices and then setting up and selling goods at the youth football games. I have decided that next year I will ask to be in charge of the whole thing so that I can make some changes that could and should make things better. I don't mind at all because I truly enjoy it and I have willingly chosen to do all of this.

Until this week!

The Booster president had a death in the family and had to go out of town at the last minute. I got a ton of phone calls and questions asking me everything from could I run the booth at the high school football game to making sure that the doughnut booth was set up after the game. I had no problem handling it for the booster president because she has always helped me when I needed it and is the hardest worker I have ever met but I was a little irritated that other parents were calling me and the cheerleaders were acting like I was their new point of contact. The problems started when they needed a check to pay for the doughnuts and couldn't get in touch with the treasurer. Apparently I have now been promoted to treasurer and was asked if I could write a check for the doughnuts. I knew I would get a check the next day at the football game but I just felt taken advantage of since they showed up unannounced at my house at 9pm the night before the check was needed and asked me to take care of it. Seriously people none of the elected booster members could have stepped up and done it? They know the treasurer always shows up at the end of the game and writes a check for it if there is a snafu that keeps him from getting it there before hand.

My friend who is also a coworker keeps telling me I am a sucker. I agree, but I am not sure whether that is a bad thing or not. At work I have finally started learning to stand up for myself and put my foot down when people are dumping on me. I still probably carry more of a load than most others but I don't think I should feel bad for putting in a solid work day I think the other people should feel bad for not doing their best at work. I feel the same way about volunteering I shouldn't have to feel bad for being the sucker who is willing to hand over some money for 24 hours I think the other people should take a look at themselves for not being willing to go above and beyond for their daughters future. Before you all think I am crazy for thinking about doughnut money and my daughters future the doughnut proceeds go into a college scholarship fund for the cheerleaders. For every year they cheer they get 100$ in scholarship funds.

These other parents were willing to put their child's scholarship fund in jeopardy simply because they couldn't be bothered to write a check. Hell the check wont make it to the bank any faster than the deposit will considering the doughnut place is a huge chain and the parents all bank locally.

Am I crazy? Am I such a sucker? Should I feel bad because I am always counted on for things like this? Should I question myself at all?