Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why is it that some people just never get kicked around!

I know I have mentioned before that one of my previous co-workers was a lazy ass and never did any work. Her house has to be the biggest and the best , her life is always fabulous, she always has a better paying job, and she always has the inside track to an even better paying job right around the corner. Well in case I haven't mentioned it I can't stand scammer's and so this girl drives me crazy. She is so full of bullshit that I think it is running out her ears.
When I moved here I was unable to transfer because she transferred a few weeks before me and caused so many problems they upped the requirements to apply for the transfer. Basically she shammed so much that they said they didn't want anyone else from our company so I got stuck out in the cold. Of course once I got here I got hired by a different contracting company and I work down the hall from this same girl. I was really hoping to escape her and her crap.

So today she comes by to say hi and says that her position is getting converted from a contract position to a civil service position. The pay raise will be phenomenal and she will rule the world. I on the other hand am still trying to fight kicking and screaming to get a civil service position with a pay cut!

Why is it that some people just never get kicked around! My theory is she is just a flat out liar and that is why her life always seems better than everyone else's. So I think next time I see her out in public I will just slap her so that I feel better about the whole situation.

My evil plan may have failed!

Well those of you who were mad at me yesterday can take a deep breath and stop picturing me hanging by my toenails for being such a bad parent. LAX Diva is staying with RY RY at least for the time being and I have decided to keep my meddling self out of it. I told her last night I don't care who she dates as long as they make her happy and they don’t treat her bad. Both guys are really nice guys.

LAX Diva has of course shut down on me and won't speak with me about it which tells me she thinks she may be making the wrong decision. But being the wonderful mother I am I pestered her relentlessly until she broke slightly and told me what was going on. So for now I am backing out of it and letting her make the decisions so that she won't feel pushed too much!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I threw in the towel!

After a long but wonderful weekend on the lake we are finally home and hopefully going to have an uneventful week. Last week was just chock full of fun and therefore I felt like I was in a constant state of motion. This week I am on a 7 day work schedule so I will most likely be tired and therefore less inclined to attend activities. Actually I believe I just said "screw it" and told Daddy D he had to take the reins this week but hey I don't have to quote myself accurately all the time.

Daddy D is not happy about the whole situation but I decided it was time to put my foot down and say I am handling as much as I possibly can. I mean seriously let me recap my week and you guys can tell me if I am being crazy about this or not.

Monday-Worked and then met with another Cheer Booster to put all the Youth Cheerleaders onto the teams they requested. This would have been easier if it weren't for me having a massive migraine and the lady I was working with being exceptionally loud. Needless to say I left tired and irritable.

Tuesday- Built 10 Excel spreadsheets and typed up instructions for all the Varsity Cheerleaders so they could call the Youth cheerleaders and let them know about practices. Documented all of the missing data that need to be updated on the sign up slips and then built a 3 ring binder with all the information. Last but not least I attended Cheer practice to hand all this out to the Varsity girls.

Wednesday- Worked and then went to get a mani/pedi because it was the only night of the week I would be home and able.

Thursday-Worked and then picked up Bug for Youth Cheer practice. Handed out forms to all of the parents and sized all of the girls for shirts. Held a mini conference to let everyone know what the schedule was and how it was all going down. Ordered Cheer bows then collected money and slips for them.

Friday-Worked, picked up dry cleaning, went to the grocery, and then came home and cleaned house. Packed for our trip to the lake, took the recycling to the dump, installed the new electronic cat litter box, set up the kitchen for the dogs to stay in during our trip, and then took everyone to dinner. Attended the high school football game LAX Diva was cheering in and got to bed around 12pm. Oh yeah ran back home twice to get things LAX Diva forgot.

Saturday- I was up at 715 and getting everyone ready to travel.

Seriously it just goes on and on and on!

My daughter is a two timer!

LAX Diva is officially a two timer at this point and I am supporting it whole heartedly. Now before you go all crazy on me and tell me what a bad example we are setting by supporting her let me explain. When we moved here we had friends who had a son, we'll call him Bean, the same age as LAX Diva and we planned for them to fall head over heels in love. We figured this was best because Bean was a military brat and so is she plus we knew the family and knew they had raised their son with respect and manners. Of course this plan was bound to fail due to LAX Diva generally ignoring any parental ideas. Her current boyfriend, who we'll call RY RY is a nice guy and all that and we have had him over to the house a few times but they became boyfriend and girlfriend before they even met face to face. Everybody says his family is a great family and he is a very sweet guy but……..he is a jealous boyfriend. I hate jealous guys.

Anyway long story short we have been finding ways to have Bean and his family over. This evil little plan has worked and now they are "best friends." We took Bean to the lake with us this weekend and I think the plot is now in full swing. RY RY got jealous and went all stupid with some girls and Bean was a total gentleman about the situation. He supported LAX Diva and never recommended she dump RY RY even though I am sure it would have been easy to use the current situation to break them up. I am so proud of Bean! LOL Anyway I expect to come home tonight and find out I am the proud new Girlfriend in-law to Bean.


Ok people I was getting really behind on my blogging because for some reason I couldn't pull up Google Blogs from work. Sad but true. I honestly have no time at home to blog but at work I seem to have down time which allows me to get my blog on! YAHOO!

Anyway this means you will be hearing more from me in the near future. God help us all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I hate allergies, they are ruining my plans

Snot and congestion + sore throats and sinus pressure = equals a very unhappy me. I cant concentrate because of the sinus headaches and I cant not go to work because it is nothing more than the equivalent of a cold. Now the girls allergies are acting up and they feel like crap. I keep explaining to them that all they can do is take their medicine and it will go away but they keep trying to wiggle their way out of school. LAX Diva got out of school about 2 weeks ago for massive congestion coupled with a massive headache and today Bug is out of school for a slight fever and massive congestion and coughing.

Today I was supposed to go for a meeting in the big city and get the process started for my gastric bypass surgery. I had to pull a ton of strings and work on Sunday so I could get the day off but now what will I be doing? Sitting at home babysitting Bug and trying to figure out how to reschedule it all. FUN FUN FUN! Today was also going to be my first day alone with no kids or husband in months and I was going to get some stuff accomplished. YEAH RIGHT! )P

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Update on LAX Diva, Bug, and Daddy D

So far so good! I can't believe I am saying this but both girls seem to be enjoying their new schools and doing well. OK I know I should say a prayer and cross my fingers or something because what I just said has to be a fluke. LOL Honestly though it is such a small town and the schools are so much more in control of the students that I finally feel like I can breath a bit and not worry so much.

LAX Diva is still cheering and really seems to be enjoying it. She has made a ton of friends and has even managed to land herself a man already. He's not as cute as the boys I picked out but hey I can only do so much right? HEHEHE He is a really nice guy though and he even sent her flowers right after they started dating. Daddy D wasn't impressed, he says he is going to have to teach that boy not to raise the women folks expectations too high. I personally think Daddy D is just jealous :P

Bug is moving slower than LAX Diva in the friend area but she is making progress. She had her first sleep over last weekend and even though she decided that the girl was not going to be a long term friend she had some fun and broke the ice. Today she told me that she has three boyfriends and one boy who wants to ask her out but is too shy. LOL The girl has no shame I tell you.

Daddy D has finally started back to work after 45 days off. I think he is adjusting to the change from a office job in a high rise building to a real army job in a normal army unit. He says his favorite part is getting to eat at the dining facility for breakfast and only having to pay $2.30. Fortunately for him we still have several projects for him to take care of around the new house so he wont be getting bored anytime soon. OK so maybe I enjoyed having him at my beck and call for a while. HEHEHE I hope he doesn't break out of his good husband shell anytime soon and I can get the yard done :)

Life is finally settling down a bit. YEAH RIGHT!

Well I haven't been around here for a bit due to all the fun stuff going on around here. Little things like moving walls and starting a new job seem to throw me out of my comfort zone. LOL My brain has become mush trying to learn all this stuff at work and I spend all day staring at a computer so I don't really feel the need to come home and stare at one for another hour or two. Daddy D says I have to look at it a tleast twice a month and pay our bills online but so far they haven't evicted us so I think he is just joking. RIGHT?

Anyway work is going well so far, training ends tomorrow and Sunday I may get my first case to work on. I am certainly not hoping for one considering I have a few things I want to practice before I get thrown into the lions den. Plus when you work in casualty assistance you never want to hope for a new case. So far I am really liking the people I work with and I am learning to adjust to their quirky sense of humor. Honestly this is the first time in over a year I have felt engaged at work.

So of course this normalcy can not last and things must change. LOL I have been trying for several years to get a civil service position with the military and have had absolutely no luck. Well today, the day before I finally finish training at my new job, I get a call asking me if I want a position I applied for months ago. Someone up there really has a sense of humor right! It is a slight pay cut but it would get me into the civil service and I could stop having to start over with a new company every time we move. Occasionally civil service employees move and there is no position available right then but once one opens up they are given priority to get it. Right now I have to change companies every time I move and start over with leave, benefits, and seniority which is a real pain in the ass.

Now I don't know what to do. I really want a civil service job, they have better benefits, more opportunity for promotion, and permanent positions. My current contract position expires in June 2011 and I have no guarantee that it will be renewed, sometimes the contract gets renewed with a different company and I have to either change companies or pray my current company can move me elsewhere. Due to the recent issues I had with my last company not having a job for me I am sort of scared that something similar could happen in a year. I am also scared I will move to the new job and work with a bunch of assholes or hate it. Last but not least I feel like a real bitch for wasting my current companies time and energy getting me trained only to wind up quitting after a month.

Anyway I have until the 23rd to make a decision so wish me luck:)