Monday, June 27, 2011

I am really tired of my mother stealing my kids!

She has had them several times already this summer and now she is taking her again today. It wouldn't be an issue except for tomorrow is my daughters 16th birthday!!!

It started on Saturday when my mom called saying her and my dad wanted to come up on Sunday to see Cheer Diva for her birthday. I thought fine why not they get to see her and then on the day of her birthday Daddy D and I can take her out and spoil her a bit. Of course my mother being my mother shows up on Saturday night after we have had an exhausting day! Once again I didn't mind I was just tired and not prepared. Then apparently she asks Cheer Diva if she wants to go back home with them for a few days. Now not only do I NOT have my daughter on her birthday I have to drive over an hour to pick her up the next day. Seriously NOT WORTH IT!!!

I am just irritated that Cheer Diva and my mother never thought about how it would affect me to not have my daughter on her 16th birthday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

I just don't see the previous plan working out!

OK so remember the lady who was helping me make bows? No well here you go. She is a lovely woman but she drives me stark raving mad with all her energy and mess. I have done everything I can think of to calm her down a bit and give her simple tasks that she can handle without issue. The idea was since she is new and unfamiliar with the other projects I would let her do some basic things and learn about the other things as she goes. This way next year she will be good to go and be able to handle larger things.

UMMMMM NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I just don't see the previous plan working out! So far she has been tasked to handle two car washes and a small concession area. The plan was keep it simple but add to the items they had last year so we could make some good money. At this point she has convinced one of the businesses to buy a popcorn machine that they really wanted all along. REALLY? She promises me. LOL Then she has contacted the school board, principal, band director, and god knows who else in regards to the rental of a concession truck. Which I might add was supposed to be rented by the business wanting us to do the concessions. Apparently since cheer is not considered a sport we can rent the concession truck from the school at an inflated cost compared to what other sports pay. She thinks this is too high and is contacting them to attend a school board meeting and fight for the rights of cheerleaders to be treated like a sport.

For once in my life I had no idea what to say........Seriously you took it upon yourself to contact the school board about the price of a concession truck rental. Don't you think maybe you should have let me know since I am the President of the club or Hey here's a thought let the Cheer Coaches know and have them work with the schools they are employed by.  It is bad enough that we get treated like red headed step children now I have a crazy lady running around making us look like an idiot!

I think I am going to take a page from Eat, Pray, Love and in honor of Groceries I am going to call her Concessions from now on.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cheer Diva's Drama

You know how sometimes you are doing a lot of stuff all at once and juggling a lot of upcoming dates so you just happen to think something is in July when it is really in June? NO? Are you sure? I mean are you really being honest with yourself? LOL

Long story short I thought Cheer Diva's Lacrosse Camp was on July 22nd and guess what it was on June 22nd. I don't know why but last night I was laying in bed thinking about all the upcoming fundraiser dates we have planned for Cheer and the thought crossed my mind that Cheer Diva might just be double booked. I mean there is no way I would have signed her up for a camp at the same time as cheer camp right? UMMMM Yeah actually you are right. I didn't double book her I just had the date wrong in my head. It was on both my calendars correctly but I was convinced it was wrong so I never thought twice about it.

Needless to say this thought hit me at 1030 pm well after Daddy D's bedtime so he was not a happy camper when I got up and started running around the house to find the computer and confirm the date. Then of course my printer isn't working so I couldn't print the medical forms out so I was freaking out. Cheer Diva was of course pissed at me and convinced that everyone would treat her like a freak and leave her out because she wasn't going to be there the first night. She got ugly about the whole thing but I set her on her ass and reminded her it was her camp and therefore also partially her responsibility to remember things.

Anyway I helped her pack and reminded her 20 times to take sheets since they are staying in dorms at the college. We checked her in this morning before breakfast and I drove like a bat out of hell to get to work an hour late. An hour after I got to work I received the following text.


DUH Cheer Diva that is why I told you 20 times to pack them. I may be an idiot who gets dates wrong but I can pack with the best of them so next time instead of being all pissy and blocking me out I hope she will listen. Thank God a friend of mine at work has family who live near the college and they are going to take her sheets to get her through!

On another note it was really difficult to take my soon to be 16 year old daughter to a college dorm and drop her off. I didn't like it one little bit and even though I know she will be fine I was a little sad to leave her. It felt like I was dropping her off for college 2 years too early :(

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's be honest here!

Some people just need to take more valium than they currently do.

I spent last night making crafts for a cheerleading fundraiser. A few parents and a couple of kids came over to help us and I was thrilled with the turn out. I was honestly thinking I would be doing it alone. LOL Anyway our most hyper parent showed up and that girl is a freaking mess!!!!! It took us almost an hour to show her how to make a bow and then most of them looked like a mess. Lets just say I wouldn't pay for them if I were shopping. She had great color choices and things like that just NOOOOOOOO skill. This could have been fixed had the other two parents had any skill at bow making. NOPE it was a big ole disaster and I think more ribbon was wasted than bows were made.

Anyway I think me and another mom can salvage them but it is just going to take a little more time. The cheerleaders did a pretty good job on the stuff they worked  on but it needs a little refining so I guess we will take a look at those too.

Now off to find a Dr who will prescribe valium to me without a valid reason so I can slip it in this chicks drink next time she comes over.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This day is never going to end!

Some days just feel like they are going to drag on and on and on and on..........and on. Today is definitely one of those days. I have not stopped yawning yet and I feel a migraine coming on but I don't want to take my medication due to the high probability that I will fall asleep possible increased drowsiness. No training of anyone today which is a great thing but WOW I am just exhausted. If only I got to leave here and go home to a nice quiet night at home but NOPE not gonna happen.

Did I mention that I am the Cheer Booster Club President now? OH Yeah I am that stupid! Anyway I have all the girls and their parents coming over tonight for a night of craft making. Suddenly I am feeling the need to run screaming in another direction.

Anyway short and simple I am tired and irritable and now I have to go deal with a bunch of bitchy women. This should be fun!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ready for the weekend!

This weekend I get my kids and my hubby back!  I am so excited. LOL

Daddy D has been on a top secret military maneuver, otherwise known as a mini vacation to another base where he plays golf. Cheer Diva and Bug have been in AL with the grands soaking up the son and sending me incredibly rude pictures of their seafood lunches and beach views. I have been enjoying my three pillows and queen sized bed, full access to the remote control, and lack of having to cook dinner.

So tonight or tomorrow I have to go get the kids from their grandparents and then Daddy D will be flying in sometime tomorrow night. I will go from 0 people annoying me to 3 people annoying me in less than 24 hours.

God help them!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heading back to work

Well I guess it is time for my weekend to be over and for me to head back to work.

Lord help me I don't know how many more days I can take of staring at the computer screen with nothing to do. Thank goodness I have two papers due for college that can keep me occupied tomorrow otherwise I might just have to beat someone.

Cheer Diva and Bug are at the beach having a blast with the grandparents and Daddy D is gone TDY so I am here alone and dealing with it just fine. I really don't mind the alone time anymore, years ago I dreaded it but now I have just learned to enjoy the fact that I can veg without dirty looks or recrimination. Heck as long as I clean it all up before they get back no one needs to know that I am a slob when they are gone. HEHE

I am sure Cheer Diva and Bug would love to know that little tidbit but for now I think I will keep it secret. They don't need to know all my little secrets otherwise I would have nothing left to torture them with.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

Apparently sleep deprivation is bad for me! I have insomnia so bad it is ridiculous. Normally I take sleeping pills that help but I recently ran out and even though I was last seen in March my Dr refused to refill it until I was seen. Of course the Dr couldn't get me in until Thursday (17 days later) so I went for a while without sleeping well.

Now the good part......I took my sleeping pill on Thursday night and slept like a baby it was BLISS! Bliss I tell you! I was so thrilled I was actually nice the whole day long. LOL It was so good I decided I needed another good nights sleep and took the pill again last night. I woke up today and the clock said 4 o'clock. I thought thats odd the sun is out this early in the morning? Um NOPE it was actually 4pm. I can not believe I slept that long I never sleep through the day unless I am sick.

Wow I guess I was truly tired and I hope I can sleep tonight since I will have only been awake for about 5 hours!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I have finally found my way back.....

life and work have been a lot overwhelming here lately and even though I have considered posting here several times over the last few weeks it just hasn' happened.

Personally I am exhausted!!! Working full time, going to college full time, and then agreeing to be the Booster Club President for Cheer Diva's team has turned out to be a ton of work. I am seriously considering trying to find a way to drop back to one college course every 5 weeks because I am just juggling too many things. Thank goodness this set of classes is over on the 20th and I can take a breath.

I had a few issues along the way with the upcoming surgery so that has been extended for another few months but it is nothing serious just a bit of laziness on my part this time. Right now I am suffering with some depression and lack of motivation but I can feel it lifting so hopefully soon I will be back to being me.

The kids are good and are actually on their way to the beach as we speak. I am missing them but I know they are going to love it and have a blast with my parents.

Daddy D is out of town for a while and I have the whole house to myself so I am enjoying that but a little lonely since everyone is gone. I find myself talking to the dogs quite a bit which is beginning to scare me. LOL