Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OK People I totally lost track of the days!

I had no idea I had missed days and days of blogging. You guys must have gone into a deep depression without me here to pepper you with my lovely bits of wisdom. So this month I have decided I need more people to friend my blog so I have come up with an idea to offer my awesome friendliness to all of you. So from now on anyone who friends me will get a mention in a blog and I will friend them back. I know I know the angels are raining down on you with hymns and glitter and awe!

HEHEHE seriously though I need some readers so if you come here to read me please friend me so I know you care!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Belated Thanksgiving!

Well I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The food came out great, the family all made it here safe, and everything came together really well. We did our small amount of Black Friday shopping and spent the rest of today chilling out! I am tired and ready for a day off. LOL

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feeling disconnected and alone

I guess at some point in my life I thought that the people around me would understand where I am coming from and who I am. Seems odd to me now that as I look around I see two spoiled children who don't seem to care where it comes from as long as they get what they want, a husband who God help him has no clue how to show affection and to talk to me about important things, a mother who I desperately need to connect with but am sick to death of trying on, a brother who when he is sober is nice but extremely distant, and a father who only knows how to help me deal with small stuff.

I used to have a large family but around 10 years old my mothers family stopped talking to us and I no longer know or care for them the way I did because I disconnected due to the confusion of it all.  My father has two sisters who both have family but one moved away and we only see her once or twice a year, the other sister I was very close to until her husband was very inappropriate with me and then she shut me out and chose him. In a matter of about 5 years I went from having Christmas breakfast with a set of close cousins, Christmas lunch with my mothers family, and Christmas dinner with my dads family to only having Christmas breakfast with the close cousins and Christmas dinner with immediate family. Needless to say my dads sister was at both functions with her husband so it was a very uncomfortable time for me and everyone else just pretended it had never happened. 

Don't get me wrong I really try to say it doesn't bother me and that I am used to it but right now as I sit in my house surrounded by the people who are supposed to love and support me I feel alone. I have to watch everything I say around LAX Diva or we wind up in a fight, Bug has no clue about what is going on around her and generally just lives in her own little world, Daddy D tries to keep the peace but in the long run spends more time in front of the TV than talking to us. My mom is just a mess emotionally and I have consistently described conversations with her as feeling like I was" walking on eggshells" for the last 10 years. My father is great just not willing to go into anything deep and his sister my aunt who I was once extremely close with just brushed off family Thanksgiving to spend with some friends. It feels like I am in a trap and everything is just shutting down inside me.

If this weren't bad enough I am having a hard time with my boss at work. I think he is just playing around and doesn't realize that by being more of a wiseacre with me than he is with all the other staff member is sort of off putting. Pretty much I just think he thinks he can tease me mercilessly and I will just take it and it wont bother me.I am really trying to let it roll off my back but at this point it is starting to get to me.

Finally when did people get so uptight! I mean I know as well as the next person that certain things are inappropriate when said in mixed company or with people from work. IE: a sexist joke might not go over so well if you are at a church function or talking to your boss. But when you have a group of grown adults sitting around a table talking about anything and everything why are people being judged. Since when did a person have to feel so uptight about a cuss word slipping out or expressing an opinion (not a crazy opinion like the world is going to end tomorrow just a generic old opinion on lets say a hat or a litter box). Seriously I work for the military people cussing is pretty normal and opinions are normal you would think at some point people could step outside their political eggshells and just have a blessed conversation.

I don't honestly feel like I have a single person in the world I can talk to right now without having to sensor what I say or feel.

Monday, November 22, 2010

LAX Diva deleted me off of Facebook

I got sick of LAX Diva constantly going on Facebook and blowing up at me and her father so I blasted her the other day and told her I didn't appreciate it. So in all her brilliance she deleted me from her Facebook. She must be a real idiot if she thinks I wont figure out that I am no longer receiving 5 status updates a day from her!

Honestly I am just so tired of it. Raising a teenage daughter is hard enough without having to deal with them having 90 options to publish their life out to the entire world. I get so sick of being told I am a moron and being beaten to death with her guilt trips when I try to talk to her about anything. She can't have a conversation with us about anything without acting like an idiot because we don't just agree with everything she says.

I don't know if I am just such a failure at this or if she is just trying to drive me crazy so that she can get away with whatever she wants. I mean her opinions on life change as often as her underwear so how am I supposed to keep up with it. 2 months ago if I said anything about going to church she wasn't in the least bit interested now she has a religious boyfriend and every other post on Facebook is a bible quote. She actually made my father take her to church this weekend while we were down there and then had to spend thirty minutes explaining to the new boyfriend why she went to a Catholic church and not his choice of church. Seriously I am about to get irritated with this new boyfriend! We are not Baptist we are Catholic and having him drag her to his church every other day for some function is not going to change that. I am sick of the invitations, sick of the constant quotes coming out of my daughters mouth, and sick of the whole religious thing all together. If I wanted to change churches I would make that choice on my own not because some 17 year old kid is so wrapped up in his church that he can't have an identity without them.

Before I get yelled at by someone for not being open to another church please understand that I am happy where I am and have nothing against Baptist churches I just don't appreciate having a 17 year old kid condemn me for not being a Baptist.

Do you hate it when people try to sell stuff on Facebook?

I am in need of opinions. Recently I started selling products for a company called Thirty One. LAX Diva's cheer team is doing a fundraiser through them and I liked the stuff so much that I went ahead and became a consultant. I have a small goal to meet by the end of two months and only need a few more sales to make it.

Do you guys think it is ok to post a weekly status on Facebook promoting a sale? I don't plan to do daily updates or anything like that but I thought weekly ones would be ok considering I am not the kind of person who posts tons of updates on Facebook.

What do you think?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally home!

This weekend I went to visit family and pick up some furniture they have been trying to pawn off on me. LOL We went to pick up a dresser and a hutch that used to belong to my great aunt Dorothy and came home with a display cabinet, lots of crystal, and a lot of dishes for Thanksgiving. It felt kind of like visiting Wal-Mart, I mean honestly when do you ever go to Wal-Mart and get just three things you always come home with a ton of stuff you didn't go for.

My mom is aparently in the mood to get rid of stuff but I had to explain that if she doesn't want it because she never uses it then I probably don't need it either. She did give me several casserole dishes and a bunch of pampered chef stuff she was wanting to get rid of. I have to return most of the casseroles after Christmas but atleast I will have enough to cook with for a change. I love the pampered chef stuff so I came out if the good.

All in all it was a good weekend!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I reached a milestone today!

I have officially made 100 posts! This is 101. Never thought I would hit that mark without someone cussing me out. LOL

Is it better if I Google porn?

You know what I really don't appreciate being called out in front of everyone for talking to a coworker longer than the boss man wanted. Of course if he would come out of his cubicle he would know I was working at the same time!

Plus what the hell difference does it make we have no work to do. I had one thing to do for the whole day and I was done with it by 930AM. WOW that took me a whole hour! Just because his best buddy takes all day to get stuff done doesn't mean that I do. I got here at 8AM and started working around 830AM after getting logged in to the system and chatting with my coworker. Now normally I would never talk that long to a coworker but considering I have been here for 2 months and never have more than 2 hours of work to do in a day what the hell else am I supposed to do. She has no work either, the whole time we were chatting she was online looking at baby clothes and cribs. Hell she has yet to do anything work related otherthan send an email all day.

I know the stats say that I do more work than any of them and I really don't appreciate it at all. I dont spend my days online IM'ing people like his best buddy does. OOOPS thats right he doesn't know that his best buddy is a moron who IM's people all day long and cant do his job. Maybe because he doesn't come out of his cubicle to see it unless he is heading for a smoke break.

Is it better if I Google porn? I mean then atleast I would be quiet right?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The sickies have caught up to me!

I wasn't feeling well last night and so I just laid around all night. Today I woke up with the stomach issues and I haven't done a thing all day. I did manage to make it out of bed around noon.

Just to top things off I got a call that Bug was sick and throwing up at school. So this day is just getting better and better.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do you ever just get tired?

Right now I am just tired. I have a 15 year old daughter who treats me like crap, a 10 year old daughter who is wonderful except when she isn't, and a extended family who is driving me crazy. Why can't any of them just let me alone for a bit so I can be normal.

As I am sure you are aware LAX Diva has issues with boundaries, mainly I set them and she annoys the crap out of me until I give in. Unfortunately for her I don't always give in. The problem is that anytime she gets news she doesn't like, particularly news that includes the word "no" she automatically goes off the deep end. You can't talk to her about anything after that. I swear she has a manual that lists what to do when the word "no" is applied to her. Step 1 roll eyes, Step 2 ignore the person talking and refuse to make eye contact, Step 3 cry, Step 4 get mad and try to leave, Step 5 the poor pitiful me routine, Step 6 claim she is stupid and therefore can't change, Step 7 claim she has no goals in life and therefore doesn't need to improve anyway. All in all it ends with me getting irritated and giving up on her again and again. I know she is a teenager and I should expect it but I am totally done at this point. She has to make the changes I can't keep doing it for her.

Bug on the other hand is a happy child and will do whatever she is asked when she is asked to avoid any kind of argument. Her only issues are that she absolutely can not control her mischievous side. This week alone she managed to get one fingernail worth of teal fingernail polish on the wall and she painted two keys on the keyboard green. I expect it because she has been this way forever but when she lies to me about it I get irritated.

In other news my aunt who used to be a wonderful loving person and is now a total witch informed me that since I didn't send a formal invitation to her for Thanksgiving she accepted an invitation to join her newly adopted family. Seriously my aunt thinks she needs some sort of formal invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. WTH! I told her to have a good time.

Peppermint Patti is still in the process of adopting a baby and even though she said she was going to wait until after she got possession of the baby to buy anything she is now requesting baby gifts for her birthday and Christmas. Come on people just give me a break already.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I am a moron!

Every time I try to talk to LAX Diva I walk away feeling like a moron. She hates me and everything I say and do. She is content to do nothing and be nothing and wants nothing to do with anyone trying to help her succeed. I am sick of it and tired of feeling like a moron for even trying to talk to her like a human.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I failed again and this time I'm not even gonna try to think up an excuse!


Actually I have no excuse for Friday other than work and a football game. Saturday I was at a cheer competition all day. Anyway I was busy and had company and therefore off my game.

Life has been treating me good but I am fighting a huge migraine today. In better news I got almost all my Christmas shopping list done on Friday at work since we were dead. I just have to add a few options for Bug and LAX Diva and then we should be good to go. Today I am working with the girls and finishing up the list so I can send it out to the family tomorrow. Unfortunately as usual my mom can't wait 10 minutes to get the list so she is calling the girls and they are giving her things that are ridiculous. Every year we do the same thing and she winds up buying them something way to expensive. They always lose it or never use it and then she gets her feeling hurts. You would think she would learn.

I am kind of excited about Christmas this year and I am ready to start putting up the stuff which is really unusual for me. Normally I am the person that bitches about all the stores basically skipping the Thanksgiving Holiday. But this year I am just ready to get out my trees and start decorating.

Call me crazy! LOL Wait you guys already do. HAHAHA

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Tonight I went to watch Bug perform in the 5th grade veterans day program. She had a speaking part and a solo to sing and she was really nervous. Funny thing is she is normally really outgoing and over the top but the minute you stick her in front of people she has trouble. No one ever believes me when I tell them she has major stage fright, everyone just sees her outgoing personality and assumes it will transfer to anything she does. I tell her all the time if she could just move past the stage fright she would be amazing.

Well tonight she did it! She was wonderful and her daddy and I were so proud.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I just couldn't wait!

I got fresh ribeye steaks tonight and made the ribeye's with whiskey cream sauce. OMG they were delicious! I will never doubt Paula or Michelle ever again. Daddy D loved it and the kids raved about it I can't believe I found something new that everyone loved.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Email from the previous Cheer Booster President

Lets start this one off by saying this email came from one of the three Cheer Booster presidents who quit last year because they couldn't handle it. Second let me say that I have edited it to add my answers to her questions.
Q. Aren't we going to put on the Christmas pageant again?
A. Maybe if we had known anything about it.  LOL
Q.First, how much money do we have now to cover each cheerleader, and how much more is needed? 
A. We have as much money as those of us who have volunteered to fund raise have been able to drag in and a lot more is needed. Which reminds me when are you planning to help out with a fund raising event?
Q.Let's try to raise enough money to take this burden off the shoulders of the parents and to cover those cheerleaders who have no parental interest in fundraising.  We all know that we're going to have to pay their way.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to pay for my child and then have to turn around and pay for someone else's child as well.  
A. As for parents and cheerleaders who have no interest in fund raising I don't see why those of us who have been busting hump for the last several months should take on even more of a burden because they don't do anything. I personally don't plan on doubling the number of fundraisers we do just so that people who don't take part have even less to do.
Q. I would like to see the trip covered 100% for each cheerleader. 
A. As for having everything paid off 100% it could be possible but it would take the effort of every parent which is clearly not going to happen. (Reference your above question)
Q. Also, last year we decided to forgo most gifts and focus on having the money for hotel, airfare, and meals.  If this means that the girls don't get fancy gifts but meal money, I'd vote for the meal money any day.
A.. As for gifts, what gifts other than the senior gifts do we do?  I think if my child busts her ass for four years she deserves a 50 dollar gift or two. Also why am I now having to raise money for your child to eat you feed her at home on a regular basis right?
Q. What else do we have planned for fundraising for this year and the beginning of next?
1. Attend a meeting or two and you might know.
2. Don't get your panties in a wad we haven't quit fundraising yet. In fact if you come to the meeting tonight you will learn about two or three that are in the works.
Q. Do we have enough money now for airfare?  Hotel?  Vans?  If not, we need to start paying for these expenses as we go along.  How about starting with everyone's airfare and then moving on from there?
1. We already paid the vans off and the plan is to pay things as we go along thanks so much for the input.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly menu for November 8th

Ok so all my friends are doing this and since I am such a follower (LOL) I thought I would try it too.

Monday-YOYO (your on your own)
Tuesday-Pulled Pork
Wednesday-Shepards Pie
Thursday- Still not sure may be having people over
Friday-Pioneer Pioneer Woman's Ribeye steak with Whiskey Cream Sauce
Saturday- YOYO
Sunday-Chicken and Dumplings

Back to work

Well I am back at work and as usual the day is dragging by. I was done with all my work by 930am and now I just have all day to sit here and ponder the complexities of my life. LOL

Right now I am just too tired to care and my head is hurting so I have decided to come on here and whine. So here goes. I am so sick of the guy next to me being a pain in my ass. Sick of the preggo girl being on the phone. Sick of the COl's wife doing absolutely nothing. Sick of the old employees being bitchy about teaching us anything at all. Sick of my boss being himself. Sick of my bosses girlfriend telling us how to do stuff that we don't have the permission to do.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

OMG what is on that babies head?

Ok so I highly admit that over the last few years I have repeatedly said I should not be allowed around pregnant women or parent of infant/toddlers. I find it really difficult to hold my tongue when they go off on some barrage about how feeding your child while watching ESPN is detrimental to their development. I really have no issue with people trying to make sure that the majority of foods and stimulation in their child's life is good for them but I like to see parents who are also rational about the fact that at some point the child will probably eat an Oreo or be allowed to watch a TV program that is not completely educational.

So imagine my amazement when I got to my new job and met a soon to be mother who is smart enough to realize that reality will eventually creep into her childs life. First I was amazed that she didn't go on and on about the failures that came before her, you know those horrible people who didn't have a at home sterilization machine for the babies bottles. Second I am still amazed at how realistic she is about how she is going to raise her daughter. Third I dropped my jaw when she said she liked that thing Mrs Duggar puts on baby Josie's head! LMAO

Really I am just teasing I think it is cute, I just wonder if the poor kid has an imprint on her head from it later. Anyway I ran into a little store the other day and they had a ton of them where you could change out the decoration on the headband so I thought HMMMMMM I guess I could get her one right? I mean she told me flat our her baby will be a "bow head" and said that "bigger is better." Needless to say about 40$ later she has several to chose from. They were so cute I just couldn't help myself.

Can you say sucker!!!! LOL

I failed again!

But for yesterday I have a real excuse we had some computer issues and it didn't get fixed until after I had already left the house.

Yesterday I blew off all my Cheer Mom duties and spent the day shopping with Bug and my mother. It actually wasn't bad. I got quite a bit done in the way of winter shopping for Bug and mom and I managed to get along for the whole time without any awkwardness. That in and of itself is amazing.

Bug got her first pair of Sperry's and spent an hour in Club Tabby getting her self all dolled up as a Rainbow Rocker. She had 5 different colors of hairspray in her hair, orange glitter fingernail polish, fake rainbow eyelashes, a large multicolor hairpiece with silver chains, and bright pink and purple makeup. She was A-MAZ-ING according to her!

I think she sung country music at the top of her lungs the whole way home just to keep it all going!

Friday, November 5, 2010

A night of peace and quiet

For the first time in a long time I am putting aside the expectations of others. Tonight and tomorrow I am going to be spending some time with family instead of killing myself to make it to every event and function. I am tired. Tired of running around and making things happen. For once I am saying enough is enough and I need a break.

I missed a day so I have been forcibly removed from NoBloPoMO!

Seriously the gestapo over at the NoBloPoMo site said I was a loser and that they couldn't be associated with me anymore. Personally I think they just don't like me cause I am soooooooo much prettier than they are but what-ev!

Got your attention didn't I. HA!

I never even signed up with those guys I personally feel like I don't need anyone supervising my failure to post on a daily basis. I mean seriously my own self hatred for failing to provide your daily dose of information is enough, I don't need some body else to point it out. LOL

I promise to make up for it by posting twice today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Pissing people off when they are trying to learn something new doesn't really accomplish anything. In fact it makes your work load heavier at a later date.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At work and bored out of my mind!

Do you ever just sit at work and wish there were something you could do to make the day go by faster? I came in to work today with nothing to do becuase I had cleared it all up yesterday. BIG MISTAKE!

First off I get so good at taking care of everything that it becomes my new job title. Miss fix it to the rescue! LOL I get that shit all the time and I am really getting tired of it. I am sick of feeling bad because I have work ethic and think it is a freaking joke to Google all day long. I am also sick of carrying the bulk of all the work. As I am sitting here typing this I forwarded an email with a case that needs to be worked so that my coworker could do one for a change. Guess what he made a huge deal out of it being easy and me never getting the easy cases, he suggested multiple times that I take care of it so I could say I had an easy one. I tried to pass it off but he signed out and left it "just for me". Awesome! ARGHHHH! Of course since he has no idea what the hell he is doing it wasn't as easy a fix as he thought. Oh well I would have had to clean it up later anyways.

Second of all I am not a manager of any sort so I am really trying to back down and have the manager start doing his job a little more. Mainly because he seems to get a little touchy when he reviews our computer transactions for the day and finds that I have done most of them. I think he really wants to assign them out evenly but it never works out that way. Everything he assigns to my coworker has some sort of issue and then it gets reassigned to me. Why I don't know. I try to help out and do little things like make a list of the things each of us are bringing to the upcoming Thanksgiving supper so that the manager doesn't have to deal with it but the manager seems to get a little bitchy about that too. His plan is to do nothing and if it doesn't work out fine. Long story short I keep getting the shit end of the stick and I am sick of it.

Last but not least now I have nothing to do and I am bored to death!!!!! Two things to do for the whole day what am I supposed to do for the other 7.5 hours?

Monday, November 1, 2010


I had no idea what this meant for the longest time but I finally decided I just had to Google it today. Anyway apparently it is just the excuse I needed to get back into this blogging thing.

So today I am going to focus on the previously mentioned sister in law IE: Peppermint Patty and her possible impending adoption of a baby boy. I am really having a hard time being supportive of this and therefore I am avoiding talking to her so that I don't spread my nasty opinions. Really it is hard to support it for so many reasons but I think for me the biggest one is Peppermint Patty's spouse who I have never been able to relate to. Before you guys go all crazy on me for being less than supportive of someones adoption plan let me introduce you to the issues.

1. Their marriage has been on the rocks more times than I can count and they are constantly broke so we are having to help them out financially.

2. Peppermint Patty has some pretty serious health issues.

3. The ceiling in their Master Bedroom is falling in due to water damage and Peppermint Patty's hubby says he's just going to wait until it falls before fixing it. Apparently he isn't concerned about his wife sleeping under the ceiling when this happens.

4. They are adopting a child from the child of the people who run their favorite bar.

5. They can't afford to pay their bills so how are they going to afford the adoption?

6. They have to pass a home study.

7. Emotionally if this whole plan falls apart I may lose my wonderful sister in law.

That may not be enough for some people but it makes me want to stay way the hell out of the situation for as long as possible so that I am not part of the fallout later on.