Monday, May 31, 2010

People amaze me!

Today is a HOLIDAY!!! You know those days where we all try to avoid work and sit by a pool drinking fancy drinks with friends. I am sure you guys have heard of it so I don't need to explain more right????? Apparently not! So far I have had three Realtor's call to show our home today and two of them only left messages and showed up anyway. Top that off with the repair man from Lowe's calling to say he was on his way to give us an estimate and would be here in 15 minutes! WTH is up with these people. I had to stay home and not go out on the boat with the family just to deal with all their crap.

New Puppy

I posted a while back about our new Pomeranian puppy. We named her Eleanor but we call her Ellie for short and she is cutest little thing ever. Unfortunately she is still in puppy stage which means she had no manners and likes to nip at people. HAHA Poor thing she had no idea what she was getting into when she decided to join our family. Well OK I will admit we decided she should join the family but she could have run away or something right! LOL

I may have forgotten to mention that Bug has a small issue with puppies and kittens.....she loves them a little too much. She drives me absolutely crazy! She drags Ellie around so much I am almost positive the dogs feet would never touch the ground if I didn't make Bug let her down every once in a while! Every time I put Ellie in the kitchen for a little down time Bug starts whining about why is Ellie in there alone, and wont she be sad, and can't she come out to pay. If I take my eyes off Bug for a second she has Ellie out playing. The poor dog is so tired she falls asleep every time I set her down for a minute.

Bug's love comes at a price though :( all of our older dogs avoid her like the plague because she wont leave them alone. I really am trying to let Bug have a little more time with Ellie so that they bond a little since the other dogs don't like her that much. Bug really wants her very own dog but since she is so overly affectionate with the ones we have now I have held back. Ellie was supposed to be my dog but Bug has taken her over so I think I am just going to give in and call her Bug's :( Of course on the upside I guess that means I could get the black Pomeranian I want so that I will have one in each color. OOOOOORRRRRRRR since Bug is the one who really wants a black Pomeranian I could get one for her and claim Ellie as my own. YEAH Now I am thinking! Silent note to self "make sure Daddy D is deployed during this so that I don't get divorced immediately."

Just so you know here is the current roundup:
Daddy D has his dog Luna a Norwegian Elk Hound mutt, who I call Loonie Lulu because she is a crazy pain in my ass!

LAX Diva has Teddy a sable colored Pomeranian who is the old man of the house and who doesn't have time for anyone but LAX Diva. He is a one woman dog. LOL

Last but not least I have Ellie a white Pomeranian who is yet to be determined personality wise.

OOPS I forgot Daddy D also has a cat named Tangie who has gotten much more like able with old age.
OK so maybe I didn't post Tangie in her most flattering pose but she did try to bite me while I was doing this!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Patience is not my virtue!

Well I am now a homeowner! Not sure how happy I am about that but I didn't really have a choice in the matter since there was nothing to rent. I like the house and hopefully I will fall in love with it while I am picking the final touches. Unfortunately right now everyone is driving me nuts and I am just irritated trying to get everything together when I live 12 hours away. The kids keep picking out colors for their rooms and they don't even have comforters yet! Today we had to go to Lowe's to pick out the rest of the appliances and lighting and every ten seconds the kids are trying to get me to go look at curtains or pick out paint samples. I was about to pull my hair out so I took the kids home and went to get my eyebrows done. LOL

It would probably be easier to do all this if I actually had wood samples or laminate samples but I don't. I do have some pictures of the items but I hate trying to use pictures to make a match because you never know how the lighting is affecting the colors. Case in point I got two pictures of the cabinets from the same store, one is from the corporate catalog and the other is from their showroom, they look totally different. It would also probably be easier if I had some sort of list saying what lighting was needed but I am still waiting on that. Needless to say I am being impatient and trying to get a head start but it is probably causing me more stress than needed.

On another note Daddy D is gone all weekend for drinking and debauchery otherwise known as a Bike Tour. A whole group of guys ride bicycles for 20 miles and stop and drink a beer at 22 bars. WOW What a bunch of boys! This is the 10 year anniversary of the Bike Tour and while I did go once it is definitely more fun for Daddy D when I stay home. It gives him some time with his guy friends and lets just say I don't have to worry about him doing anything other than falling down drunk. He sure as hell ain't getting laid after he drinks 22 beers. LMAO

While I love the man I could really use his help picking everything out and right now I am just slightly impatient with his weekend of fun!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Less than exciting news

Well LAX Diva is not going to be a happy camper when she hears that the realtor was wrong about them having Lacrosse at her new school. Apparently the realtor got confused with Rugby! WTH they dont even sound similar. Anyway I am buying battle gear to wear for tonight when I tell her. I am sure she will take it well. HAHAHA

Does anyone have any experience with setting up a youth league? I swear this is going to be the death of me but I figure if the Rugby coach was able to set up a Rugby team in less than a year we can to RIGHT?????

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Men! Why do they have to be so difficult

Daddy D and I found a house. Well at least we think we did! Now we just have to get the ornery ass contractor to agree to what we want. Why is it that men are so stubborn about certain things? I mean all I am asking him to do is move one wall! Yeah I know that sounds like a lot but the house is still under construction so why not and before you men fuss and cuss it is not a load bearing wall. :P (That's me sticking my tongue out at you for thinking I am a girly girl who is unrealistic.)

Right now the house is about 3/4 of the way done but the finishes haven't been put in yet so I get to pick the lighting, flooring, and appliances. The contractor is being a little bit of a pain in the ass about the flooring but he is willing to let someone else come in and install it for us. He wouldn't have such a problem if he hadn't been planning to lay carpet in the formal dining area. UGH!

Seriously why do men build houses without getting the input of a woman? He has a 1000 square feet of walk in storage area in the basement and then puts a 12x12 room at the bottom of the stairs. Why? Shouldn't a builder keep in mind that someone has to live there and 1000 sq ft of man room is not what most people need. So I am asking that the builder move the wall so that I have a 500 sq ft storage area and a 12x24 room. Of course he refuses to do it and wants us to buy the house the way it is and then have someone else come in and do it. Which I think is retarded because then I have to deal with construction and drywall dust in a brand new house that should be done.

Wish me luck people!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Exciting news!

LAX Diva made the cheer team and I am so proud of her even though we found out later that she pretty much just had to show up and she was on the team. Wish I would have known that before I spent 150$ on private gymnastic lessons :) The coaches seemed pretty cool and it is a great way for her to get to know some kids before school even starts.

Then we got even better news the high school has a lacrosse team!!!!! They just started it last year so that is why we couldn't find any information on it. Of course LAX Diva is thrilled but I kept waiting for her to jump up and down with excitement and it never happened. I thought it was kind of odd but being as she pretty much hates me most of the time I decided not to mention it.

We left the hotel to go to dinner right after that and I noticed LAX Diva was in a really foul mood so I had to have a talk with her. Finally she admitted she is afraid she won't be able to play lacrosse if she is on the cheer team. I explained to her that the seasons were slightly off and we would talk to the lacrosse coach about practice times and dates to make sure they didn't overlap anymore than they had to. I think she is OK with it now but I know she would not have tried out for cheer leading had she known they had lacrosse. I just hope she has enough fun doing cheer that she sticks with it.

So we all had an exciting day today!

The search is on!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate house shopping with Daddy D? No.......well I should have! I swear the man falls in love with every house we see. He starts at house number one and just keeps on going. I love him dearly I really do but I just don't think he is qualified to pick housing for the family. LOL Anyway! I have learned to deal with him and basically I just have to grin and bear it while he goes on and on about stuff. I take my little notepad or scratch paper with me and jot down notes, then remind him of the things he forgot to notice. Like Oh I don't know holes in walls. LMAO

So the house hunt started yesterday and we have viewed about 7 houses and driven around to see the outside of around 12 or 13. Right now it is going well, but I haven't fallen in love yet. Maybe because I am waiting to see the rest before I make a decision. We have seen some beautiful houses but nothing seems perfect so I am holding out until I have seen everything before I start making compromises.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everybody say a prayer

I am off to find me a new home! LOL I don't know how much internet access I will have so please bear with me for a few days. LAX Diva has been busting her ass in gymnastic classes this week to hopefully make the cheer team so say a prayer for me that she makes it. Trust me her making it will make my life much easier for the short term at least. I don't want to think about how much pain it will cause during the rest of the year.

My family is meeting us since we are moving back to my home state and they will be helping me and Daddy D with the kids while we are out looking at the zillion houses we have selected. So say a prayer I don't kill my mother and that LAX Diva and Bug behave well enough to get us through the weekend without a death in the family.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

suffering in silence

Today I woke up and realized I am exhausted. Not only am I getting ready to leave for a house hunting trip this weekend but I have had to deal with all LAX Diva's issues and having our current rental house open to the public every day. Of course being a good mom I couldn't just leave it at that I had to push the envelope and volunteer to be team parent so now I am also planning an end of season party. YIPPEE

So the exhausted thing doesn't sound that bad right. LOL I mean I only have a whopping migraine that feels like I am dying and I have tons of errands to run today on top of 8 hours of work. I mean seriously how did I think I was going to go to work and run errands at the same time? So today I am working (AHEM) from home and will be running errands while I do it. I figured something had to give and since my boss is a moron and no one else ever works I should just join the crowd and stop suffering in silence!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some parents!

Today we had a busy day!!! Super busy, but we got it all done without issue. Now we just have a few things to follow up on during the week. Needless to say after the Friday nights events we have been making some major parental changes around the house. Daddy D and I laid down the law this morning and gave both the kids their parent/child responsibilities contracts. Neither kid loved them but they were an important step in us changing the way things are done around here. This is hard freaking work! I mean seriously I think I am going to feel like a warden for the first few weeks but Daddy D and I are both determined to put these rules into place.

So on to the rest of the day.....things actually went pretty well. We did a little shopping and gave the girls a limit that I didn't bend on. Then we did a little more shopping and headed home to get ready for Bug's lacrosse game and LAX Diva's gymnastics lesson. I felt a little bad because she was sore from her major meltdown but I told her that soreness was just as much her fault as it was ours for having to hold her down. She made it through without any major issues and we headed off to Bug's lacrosse game.

I was tired and irritable by the time we got there but I thought I was going to get to sit down and enjoy a game. BOY WAS I WRONG! We were playing are arch rival (ie: the team that kicks everyone's ass year after year) and these three men got into an argument on the sideline. I am team mom so I had appointed someone to be a Field Marshall for the day and step in if someone was causing a problem. Of course half the parents don't show up to do their volunteer duties and the other half show up and just pretend they aren't there. So here is 5'2" me having to stand up to three 6'3" guys and tell them to shut up. I mean seriously they were arguing because two guys were standing and keeping other people from being able to see. We play on a football field people just get the heck up and move if someone is in your way.

It had to look hilarious from the other sideline!!! Little ol' me standing there telling three grown men to back up, sit down, and walk away or I was calling the cops!!! HAHAHAHA! I guess the ref's saw it and called the coach over to put an end to it because he showed up about the time I got all of them to agree to back off and play nice. I spent the rest of the game looking over my shoulder at them to make sure they behaved. I think I finally got to relax when they all got in their cars and left.

Seriously some parents just need to grow up!

BTW Daddy D was on the other side of the field being the time keeper. He totally cracked me up when I asked him why he didn't come back me up. Apparently Daddy D sat in his chair the whole time and told the lady next to him, "my wife's there now she will handle it." LOL He sure must think I am one scary lady:)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It all came to a head last night

For years I have said that some day all the choices I had made with LAX Diva would come back to haunt me. Last night they did in full force. I have asked before if I am wrong to let her know about her biological father or if I am crazy for always cleaning up her messes but now I truly know the answer.

Yesterday we got yet another note from a teacher telling us that she was being disrespectful in class and had failed several assignments dropping her grade to a D+. Daddy D was not happy! Neither was I but I have been letting him take the lead with her for a while now to keep us from fighting so much. Well it went from bad to worse.

Daddy D tried to talk to her about her grade and what the teacher had said. Of course LAX Diva says none of it is true and why does it matter she is only one point below a C. She kept shaking her head, rolling her eyes, and running her mouth till he lost it. Daddy D tried to spank her and she went crazy (yes this has happened to me before) she started punching, kicking, and screaming at him. I tried to pull her off him and get her under control but she took off to her room and slammed the door. I followed her in the room to calm her down but then she started in on me. I basically wound up just laying on her and holding her hands down to keep her from hurting us.

I let her up once when I thought she was done but she came at me again so I slapped her to get her to back off. Then I held her down again to get her to calm down. That is when she really decided to play mean. She told me I should have had an abortion and never brought her into this world. She told me she was going to kill herself and started cussing and screaming at us again. I don't know what happened but I snapped and I slapped her again. Once she was done screaming I let her up and told her to pack her stuff. Daddy D left to take Bug to practice and I started throwing everything in her room in the hall. I threw her out of the house!

I cant believe I did it and I regretted it 30 minutes later and balled for an hour uncontrollably. I finally told Daddy D he had to come home and go find her. We drove around forever and finally one of her friends told me where she was and that she was planning to call me. We allowed her to spend the night with the friend and come home this morning. Then we laid out a whole new set of rules for life in a written contract that she is required to sign or she will be put into a military school.

Today my face is bruised and I am sore all over but I cant believe what happened. My own child physically and verbally attacked me to the point where I slapped her twice and had to restrain her. I never ever thought in all my life that I would lay hands upon my child for anything other than a spanking. She has marks on her from my hands and while I know I was protecting myself and Daddy D I don't know if I will ever forgive myself for them. I am forcing myself to be near her so that I can see them and burn them into my brain so that nothing like this ever happens again.

Trust me when I say that we were two steps away from calling the police and that I have mandated everyone in the house to receive family counseling. Nothing like this will ever happen again in my home and if it does none of us will ever live in the same house again. I will not be abused nor will I abuse anyone around me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

God I Am Bored

Right now my job is about as stimulating as an enema. For the last several months there has been nothing for us to do so now the boss man is making things up to keep us busy. Unfortunately my co-workers don't share my work ethic and they are doing nothing. Literally the only task we have is to read over and review a gazillion military regulations which is BORING but something that has to be done. Well today I checked the log to see which regulation was next up to be reviewed and found out I have reviewed six regulations while one employee is still working her first and the other employee is on her third. What the hell!

So now I am pissed! Why should I be busting my ass working on reading boring ass regulations while little miss prima donna gets to sit and Google. I know she is trying to build a house and all that but why cant she do it on her own time like the rest of us do. Of course her little partner in crime is just scraping through and pulling as little of the work load as she can without looking too bad.

I am seriously considering spending the next few days doing absolutely f-ing nothing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I just feel lost right now

I dont know where I am going or what I am doing and it is kinda driving me batty. I am trying to get information together for LAX Diva and Bug so that when we move they can slide right into their new activities, but things keep happening that make it difficult. I just feel like I have too many balls up in the air and no one around me seems to notice I am even juggling. Why is it that women take on all the responsibilty of making everyone in the family happy?

Really if people want something bad enough they should be putting forth the effort to make it happen right? Why should I be the one who is jumping through hoops to get things taken care of? Granted I am the parent so I expect to have to do most of the research for things like gymnastics classes and swimming lessons but it just seems like I am all alone in my need to get these things organized. Everyone else is just sitting there watching me do the work and waiting for it to fall in their laps.

Add to that the stress of trying to get a gastric bypass done in the next 2 months and I really feel like I am being pulled in several different directions at once. Somedays I wish I was that rubberband lady on the Incredibles! LOL

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning with a Teenager

Some words should just never be said in the same sentence. Things like "spring cleaning" and "teenager" are a definite no no.

Anyway I must have been drunk earlier this week when I decided that Spring cleaning would be done today. You have to understand that we are getting ready to move so when I say Spring cleaning I mean going through everything and getting rid of anything that doesn't need to move with us. Apparently in my drunken state I also thought it would be a great idea to give everyone a few days notice so they could get their minds wrapped around the idea. What the hell was I thinking?

So I woke up today and reminded everyone of the entertainment that was planned. Then the whining started. LOL LAX Diva needed more sleep she was too tired, Daddy D had to get an oil change, and Bug just didn't want to move. I politely (AHEM) reminded them that they all knew this was coming and told them to suck it up. So LAX Diva started throwing around her attitude to see if that would work. I figure her plan was to torture me with bitchiness until I broke down and let her have her way. HA!!!!! I didn't bite and informed her that since she was getting new furniture she needed to clean off her old shelves and furniture and get rid of about half of it.

Needless to say the day proceeded in the following fashion:
Me: LAX Diva, please go get your clothes from the laundry room
LAX Diva: Stomp, slam door, huff, puff, pick up clothes, stomp, slam door, huff, puff

Me: LAX Diva, your sister finished her room but she cant reach her shelves can you dust them?
LAX Diva: Bitch, moan, grunt, yell at sister to get out, dust shelves for an hour
(there are two and they are 3 feet long)

Me: LAX Diva, I really wish you would use your bathroom instead of mine all the time.
LAX Diva: The bathroom is creepy and I am not using it!
Me: Well the window in the master shower just fell apart so you should feel free to take a shower with half the world watching.
LAX Diva: Fine I will use my bathroom!

AH the wonderful world of parenting! At least we didn't wind up in a knock down drag out argument.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Well I never!

Sometimes I wonder if people are just fucking stupid or if they just think I am fucking stupid and don't need to be listened to. I am in the process of trying to get a gastric bypass and for the last three years I have been bounced from one Dr to another trying to get someone to listen to me. Being a military wife I get a lot of "just run 3 miles a day" and "eat walnuts" bullshit! I have told them repeatedly that I work out try to eat at least somewhat healthy meals and they just nod and send me back to the nutritionist. Well dammit I finally got mad and decided to just not leave until they put in a referral to a gastric consult. I brought a list of the required consultations for the surgery and sat there while she entered them all in the computer.

I had a false sense of satisfaction when I left the Dr's office and it lasted until I started trying to schedule the consultations. The operators kept bouncing me back and forth but I was getting all my appointments done in less than 2 weeks. SOMETHING HAD TO BE WRONG!!! Nothing ever works that well in the military. LOL Well a few days later I start getting calls about the consultations and they want to book me an appointment. My "look at me I am so special" voice came out and said "I already booked them!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (ROLLING LAUGHTER HERE PEOPLE)Needless to say the people who originally booked them hadn't a fucking clue what they were doing and had booked me in all the wrong slots.

After repeated phone calls to confirm everything was fine and get directions I went to my first appointment this morning. Getting to the appointment took longer than expected so I was about 5 minutes late but I found it and got in line to check in. 20 MINUTES LATER! the receptionist finally says I can step forward and then asks me what I was there for. I told her and she says "OH your supposed to be down the hall at a different clinic." So I take off down there and they say your late. I was like well NO SHIT SHERLOCK! So they asked me to have a seat and wait. Finally I got to see someone who could check me in for my appointment and guess what? THEY HAD BOOKED MY APPOINTMENT WRONG!!!!!! After all that jumping through hoops it was still fucked up but the nice nurse got me in to see the right Dr about 30 minutes later.

So you guys are expecting that to be the end of the day right? NOPE I had another appointment this afternoon at a different hospital way across town. I had to ride public transportation with a man who had a tick! He kept making farting noises with his mouth the entire hour ride. And no he was 15 and stupid he was 45 and dressed like a business person and I feel bad for being irritated with him but I had damn migraine by this point and he wasn't helping.

Last but not least I make it to the NUTRITION appointment and find the words "Substance Abuse Counselor" printed on the door! HOLY SHIT!!!! Anyway I thought what the hell after today I may need substance abuse counseling so I knocked. LMAO Long story short Nutrition had moved to another flipping building and no one had bothered to tell the appointment line. So I had to walk 3 blocks to the building so I could have a lady tell me the same thing every other nutritionist has told me!

Damn now I need a beer!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Night of Surprises!

Tonight I decided to surprise LAX Diva and Bug with a trip to the spa for a mani/pedi. The girls were getting their pedicures done while I was working sitting in a chair right next to them. Then the owner brings out his 4 new Pomeranian puppies and I fell in love!!!!!!!! I have a sable colored Pom and he has a white/cream Pom so for the last few years I have been trying to convince him that I needed one of his puppies but he refused to sell the first litter.

Daddy D and I had just been talking about getting a new dog yesterday and he specifically said if I wanted a Pomeranian that was fine but a Bull Mastiff was out of the question! LOL he had no freaking idea that I would find one in less than 24 hours. So even though the Spa owner wanted to give me the puppy today I told them I would wait two weeks until it was ready to leave its mother. The girls are dying because they want it now but it is too young and I refused to take it.

So SURPISE Daddy D! Mommy is getting a puppy for mommies day. All I have to do now is find a black one and then I will have one of each color. They can run around the house like a little multicolored tribe!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

People Amaze Me

Do you ever wonder why some people just refuse to see the positive in anything?

I mean honestly do they sit at home and try to think of ways to make things negative? Maybe I am just naive....Hell maybe I am wearing rose colored glasses but I can say that nothing that has ever happened in my life has been all negative or all positive. Every story or event has two sides.

Now I am not trying to say that somthing like the UVA murder is a good thing or a positive event, it is definately a negative thing. But what about the person that is so affected by this that they make a positive change in their life? Once again the negative has a positive effect.

You may wonder what has brought on my little rant here so I will tell you. In the last few weeks I have read some of the pettiest stories that stretch the truth, ignore most of the facts, and just downright trivialize what has been acheived. No decision is going to be 100% positive for everyone involved. Someone may have to make some hard decisions that affect a small group of people. Those hard decisions might be made to help a large group of others.


The political crap where I live has just irritated me to no end at this point. No one focuses on where we are trying to go and what we are trying to acheive they only focus on the negatives that sometimes have to happen to make it a reality. No one cares that removing bad employees with poor ratings is a positive thing for everyone else they only focus on the fact that some of the people being removed from their jobs have been grandfathered in for years. Finally it is coming to light that things are improving and that it is working and the media is only covering the fact that the press conference blocked a sidewalk and inconvenienced a few people.

WOW SERIOUSLY! The fact that progress is being made is much less important than someone possibly having to wait for traffic to clear before walking around.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Do you ever have days when you are just plain irritated? Since we got the news about moving I have been so irritated for no real reason. Daddy D is really trying to get some things done and taken care of and I really appreciate it but he is driving me a little crazy at the same time. I just want to have the normal 3 months to plan but nope we get 2 months because of when school ends here and starts there. Top that off with the fact that a zillion soldiers are all moving to the same area at the same time we are.

So all the rental houses are gone and now I am having to look at buying a house and possibly keeping it as a rental for several years. We swore we would never buy again after the last fiasco 10 years ago. But what can we do? The military housing is full and the rentals are gone so we are pretty much stuck we have to buy and we have to buy NOW! Of course we have no money saved to travel because we were planning to save it over the next 3 months and just rent a home right before we moved in August.

Someone up there is laughing at me! And it is not helping at all.....I am super irritated. Poor Daddy D! I just need him to tell me what he wants and how he wants it done and he just keeps beating around the damn bush. Seriously if we need to go now then say "lets go now" or if you think we need to wait say "I think we should wait a week and then go." HOW FREAKING HARD IS THAT! I am NOT a mind reader and I dont know what point you are trying to make when you spend 10 minutes tip toeing around the issue.

I think it is the rush that is driving me crazy! But I hate making final decisions because they are final. LOL What if I buy a house today and the market crashes tomorow. What if I buy a house today and the one next door comes up for rent the next day? What if I buy a house today and they divert us at the last minute to another base?